Bruins in the NBA - Week Eight

Feb. 22, 2012

Each week, will update and highlight select UCLA players' progress during the current NBA season. Games highlighted are from Feb. 13-20.

Arron Afflalo (fifth NBA season, third with Denver Nuggets, Western Conference/NW Div., 18-15, second-place) - On Feb. 14, the Nuggets defeated Phoenix 109-92 in Denver. Afflalo started, played 26 minutes, with a team-high 20 points (7-11, 2-4, 4-7), one rebound, two assists and one blocked shot and steal. Afflalo had scored 20 or more points three games in a row. On Feb. 19 at Oklahoma City, the Nuggets lost their third game in a row, losing at Oklahoma City, 124-118 in overtime. Afflalo started and played 43 minutes and led Denver with a season-high 27 points (10-21, 2-6, 5-6), seven rebounds, five assists and two steals. On Feb. 20 at Denver, Afflalo's shot from the lane with 33.7 seconds left in overtime sealed Denver's 103-101 win over Minnesota, beating the Timberwolves for the 17th time in 18 games. Afflalo started and played 43 minutes, with 20 points (6-18, 0-4, 8-10), five rebounds, three assists and one blocked shot. Afflalo has scored 20 or more points in five of Denver's last seven games. This week's Nuggets' schedule - Feb. 22 - at LA Clippers and Feb. 23 - San Antonio.
Afflalo's Season Stats: 30G/30GS, 30.6MIN, 2.7RB, 1.7AST, 12.2PPG

Trevor Ariza (eighth NBA season, second with New Orleans, Western Conference/SW Div., 7-24, fifth-place) - On Feb. 15, the Hornets won their second straight game, winning at Milwaukee, 92-89. Ariza started and played 45 minutes, with 14 points (6-13, 1-3, 1-1), seven rebounds, four assists, team-high two blocked shots and two steals. On Feb. 17 at New York, New Orleans beat the Knicks 89-85, snapping New York's seven-game winning streak and winning its third consecutive game after starting 4-23 overall. Ariza stole the headlines from Jeremy Lin (who scored 26 points, but tied this season's NBA single-game high with nine turnovers). Ariza started and played 44 minutes, with a team-high 25 points (10-20, 4-7, 1-1), eight rebounds, one assist, game-high tying two blocked shots and team-high tying three steals. New Orleans has two games on the road this week - Feb. 21 - at Indiana and Feb. 22 - at Cleveland.
Ariza Season Stats: 23G/23GS, 35.3MIN, 5.7RB, 3.3AST, 1.7STL, 11.9PPG

Matt Barnes (ninth NBA season, second with Los Angeles Lakers, Western Conference/Pacific Div., 19-13, second-place) - On Feb. 17 at the Staples Center, the Lakers defeated Phoenix, 111-99, winning for the third straight game and are 13-2 at home. Barnes played 23 minutes and led all Laker reserves with a season-high 17 points (6-7, 1-1, 4-4), seven rebounds, one assist and two steals. On Feb. 20 at the Staples Center, the Lakers improved to 14-2 at home, beating Portland, 103-92. Barnes played 21 minutes, with four points (2-6, 0-0, 0-0), six rebounds, one assist and one steal. The Lakers have two games on the road this week - Feb. 22 - at Dallas and Feb. 23 - at Oklahoma City.
Barnes' Season Stats: 30G/16GS, 2.15MIN, 4.7RB, 1.6AST, 7.1PPG (Barnes' 7.1ppg and 4.7rpg leads all Laker reserves).

Darren Collison (third NBA season, second with Indiana, Eastern Conference/Central Div., 19-12, second-place) - On Feb. 14 in Indianapolis, Miami defeated Indiana 105-90. Collison started and played 29 minutes with eight points (4-11, 0-3, 0-0), team-high seven rebounds, team-high tying three assists and one steal. On Feb. 15, the Pacers lost their fifth consecutive game, losing at Cleveland, 98-87. Collison started and played 32 minutes with a team-high 18 points (7-12, 0-1, 4-4), two rebounds, team-high three assists and one blocked shot. On Feb. 19 at Indiana, the Pacers defeated Charlotte, 108-73 and led by 40 points after three quarters. Collison started and played 29 minutes with 11 points (2-6, 1-1, 6-6), two rebounds, game-high six assists and one steal. This week Indiana hosts New Orleans on Feb. 21 and travels to Charlotte on Feb. 22.
Collison's Season Stats: 31G/31GS, 33.5MIN, 3.3RB, team-leading 5.2AST, 11.3PPG

Baron Davis (13th NBA season, first with New York Knicks, Eastern Conference/Atlantic Div., 16-17 second-place) - Davis, who had been sidelined with a bulging back disc, appeared in his first contest on Feb. 20 when the Knicks lost at home to New Jersey, 100-92. Davis played for nine minutes, with three points (1-2, 1-1, 0-0) and one assist. This week the Knicks host Atlanta on Feb 22 and are at Miami on Feb. 23.

Jordan Farmar (sixth NBA season, second with New Jersey Nets, Eastern Conference/Atlantic Div., 10-24, fourth-place) - On Feb. 18, New Jersey snapped its eight-game losing streak, upsetting the Chicago Bulls, 97-85 in Chicago, for their first win since Feb. 1. Farmar played 10 minutes with four points (1-3, 1-1, 1-1). Farmar has missed two of the last five Nets' games with a strained right groin. On Feb. 22, New Jersey will host Orlando.
Farmar's Season Stats: 29G/2GS, 21.6MIN, 1.6RB, 3.3AST, 10.5PPG

Jrue Holiday (third NBA season with Philadelphia 76ers, Eastern Conference/Atlantic Div., 20-12, first-place) - On Feb. 13, Philadelphia won at Charlotte 98-89, sending the Bobcats to their 15th consecutive loss. Holiday started and played 25 minutes, with 19 points (7-15, 1-3, 4-4), two rebounds and one assist. On Feb. 19, the 76ers lost at Minnesota, 92-19. Holiday started and played 39 minutes, with a team-high 20 points (10-20, 0-3, 0-0), five rebounds, two assists and a team-high three steals. Philadelphia will play two games on the road this week - Feb. 21 at Memphis and Feb. 22 at Houston.
Holiday's Season Stats: 32G/32GS, team-leading 35.1MIN, 3.3RB, 4.6AST, 1.6STL, 13.6PPG (No. 2 team scorer)

Malcolm Lee (first NBA season, second round draft selection by Chicago Bulls, traded to Minnesota Timberwolves, Western Conference/NW Div., 16-17, fourth-place) - On Feb. 14, Lee returned to Timberwolves practice after a rehab stint in the D-League (Lee has not appeared in an NBA game this season, was sidelined with a torn meniscus (left knee). He spent a week with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, played in three games and averaged 25.3 minutes, 9.7 points and 6.0 assists.

Kevin Love (fourth NBA season with Minnesota Timberwolves, Western Conference/NW Div., 16-17, fourth-place) - On Feb. 15, Minnesota snapped its four-game losing streak, winning at home, beating Charlotte, 102-90 (it was Charlotte's 16th loss in a row). Love started and played 41 minutes, with a team-high 30 points (11-21, 2-5, 6-8) and 18 rebounds, three assists and one steal. On Feb. 17 at Houston, the Timberwolves won their second consecutive game, 111-98. Love started and played 41 minutes with a game-high 33 points (11-16, 2-4, 9-10) and 17 rebounds, one assist and two blocked shots. On Feb. 19 at Minneapolis, the Timberwolves beat Philadelphia 92-91 as Love scored 12 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter and hit two free throws with 0.1 left to win it for Minnesota. Love started and played 41 minutes with 20 points (7-23, 0-4, 6-8), a game-high 15 rebounds and two assists. On Feb. 20 at Denver, the Timberwolves lost to the Nuggets, 103-101 in overtime. Love started and played 47 minutes, with a team-high 22 points (7-22, 1-4, 7-7) and 13 rebounds (10th consecutive double-double, NBA leading 29th double-double), four assists, one blocked shot and two steals. The Timberwolves play only one game this week, hosting Utah on Feb. 22, and Love will play in the NBA All-Star game on Feb. 26.
Love's Season Stats: 31G/31GS, team-leading 40.0MIN, team-leading 14.2REB, 1.8AST, team-leading 25.5PPG

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (fourth NBA season with Milwaukee Bucks, Eastern Conference/Central Div., 13-19, fourth-place) - On Feb. 13 at Milwaukee, Miami defeated Milwaukee for the first time this season, 114-96 (the Heat was 0-2 vs. Milwaukee this season). Mbah a Moute started, playing 25 minutes with nine points (4-8, 0-0, 1-2), team-high tying seven rebounds, one assist , with one blocked shot and steal. On Feb. 19 at New Jersey, the Bucks beat the Nets 92-85, snapping their four-game losing streak. Mbah a Moute started and played 29 minutes, with 12 points (5-9, 0-0, 2-4), eight rebounds and two steals. The Bucks have one game this week, playing at Chicago on Feb. 22.
Mbah a Moute's Season Stats: 20G/14GS, 22.1MIN, 4.5RB, 6.1PPG

Earl Watson (11th NBA season, second with the Utah Jazz, Western Conference/NW Div., 15-16, fifth-place) - On Feb. 13, the Jazz had 20 turnovers and lost at New Orleans 86-80. Watson played 28 minutes with seven points (3-4, 1-2, 0-0), two rebounds, team-high five assists and one blocked shot and steal. The Jazz has one game this week, Feb. 22 at Minnesota.
Watson's Season Stats: 30G, 21.8MIN, 2.1RB, team-leading 4.5AST, 1.1STL, 3.5PPG

Russell Westbrook (fourth NBA season with Oklahoma City Thunder, Western Conference/NW Div., 25-7, first-place, tied with Miami for the NBA best record (.781) - On Feb. 15, the Thunder lost at Houston, 96-95. Westbrook started and played 37 minutes with 26 points (11-25, 1-4, 3-4) and team-high tying eight rebounds and four assists. On Feb. 17 at Oklahoma City, the Thunder defeated Golden State, 110-87, completing a season 3-0 sweep of the Warriors. Westbrook started and played 28 minutes, with 18 points (7-12, 0-3, 4-4), three rebounds, three assists and a game-high three steals, but left the game in the third quarter with a sprained right ankle. On Feb. 19 at Oklahoma City, the Thunder beat Denver, 124-118 in overtime. Westbrook started and played 43 minutes with a season-high 40 points (16-29, 3-6, 5-5), four rebounds, team-high nine assists and one blocked shot. On Feb. 20 in Oklahoma City, the Thunder won their 10th consecutive game at home, beating New Orleans, 101-93. Westbrook started and played 34 minutes, with a game-high tying 31 points (10-20, 2-3, 9-10), two rebounds, team-high tying four assists and team-high tying two steals. The Thunder host two highlight games at home this week, Feb. 22 - Boston and Feb. 23 - Los Angeles Lakers, and Westbrook will play in the NBA All-Star game on Feb. 26.
Westbrook's Season Stats: 32G/32GS, 34.8MIN, 4.8RB, team-leading 5.5AST, team-leading 1.9STL, 23.4ppg (No. 2 team scorer)

NBA Statistical Leaders
Jordan Farmar, New Jersey Nets - through 28 games, Farmar was the NBA's No. 6 three-point shooter (41-89, .461).

Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves - through 29 games, Love was the NBA's No. 4 scorer (25.8ppg) and No. 2 rebounder (14.2rpg).

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City - Through 30 games, Westbrook was the NBA's No. 5 scorer (22.6ppg) and No. 6 in steals (1.97spg).

Note: Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook will participate in the 61st NBA All-Star game on Sunday, Feb. 26 (4 p.m. PST/TV: TNT). Because of the All-Star game, all NBA teams will have a shortened schedule this week.

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