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UCLA-Clemson Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Dec. 1, 2007

Coach Andy Banachowski Quotes:

"Tonight was a great win for us. We came out and played as hard as we could. We didn't anticipate Clemson coming out during the third game with that much fight left in them. They were ready to play and they capitalized on some of our mistakes."

"They probably haven't seen our type of serving, but they adjusted quickly in the third game."

Nellie Spicer Quotes:

"It was a great experience playing here at Clemson. They were a competitive team, and the fans were great. Any fans that get really excited about volleyball are great."

Kaitlin Sather Quotes:

"We made it to the final four last year so, Nellie and I have both seen the light at the end of the tunnel. We are motivated, and as long as we keep the momentum up and work together, I believe we can do better than last year."

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