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UCLA-Arizona Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Oct. 30, 2010

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UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel
(Opening statement): "Congratulations to Arizona. It was a hard-fought win and a great win for their program. It's a hard loss because we really played hard. Going into the game we talked about effort and execution, and the effort was terrific. Unfortunately, the execution didn't get it done at times, and we have just got to get that better. We have to work our tails off to get that accomplished so we can enjoy some victories in the last part of the season. As you know, it is a very difficult conference. You have to play great football to win, and we unfortunately didn't get that accomplished at the end of the game when it was there to be taken. We didn't have enough to get over the hump. I'm very proud of the effort, but it wasn't quite enough today. There has to be great execution as well. We have to try to rise up and do it next weekend against a very good Oregon State team."

(On personnel issues): "We lost Jerry Johnson today. It looked like he broke his ankle. We'll look and see what is left. We should be getting some guys back. Maybe Nelson Rosario will be ready to go next week. We'll evaluate exactly where we are. We'll get a couple guys who were unfortunately suspended today. They'll be back and we'll see what other guys can get back into the fray. But we'll be valiant and we'll continue to fight. We just have to execute better so that we can have a happy ending."

(On going for it in their own territory late in the 4th quarter): "I just felt like we had a chance to get a first down. Certainly you can kick right there and hope you can stop them in three downs. But if you don't, the game is over. I just felt that if we didn't make it they would do just what they did and get three points. We had a chance to score again and get it into overtime."

(On defending Arizona quarterback Matt Scott): "To keep guys from having great passing days, you need to have crisp execution and a pass rush. As the game worn on we were getting there and that is attributed to the effort."

(On lack of balance with running and passing game): "A lot of it has to do with the way the defense is playing us. We have to evaluate that. This offense requires a lot of pieces, and we have to make sure we have them all."

(On the missed tackles this late in the season): "I have to evaluate the tape. It was great effort but we'll have to look and see if it was missed tackles or almost tackles because the guy was getting too far away. Certainly there were some missed tackles and at this point in the season you have to be making those. But you have to also give credit to the guy making you miss. We will evaluate that. Effort was great, but our execution still has a ways to go."

(On Richard Brehaut's performance): "He did some really good things and some things that are still costing us, and that's not unusual for a quarterback that is this young in his career. Especially when you are depleted in other areas on your football team. All those things become so much more critical. Certainly he made some big plays for us today. We saw some big plays and that is huge in his development. But there are times where he forgets that this is on that side or that this is supposed to happen. Those are the kind of things, the management of the game, that he has got to work on. I don't want to make it simple because it's not a simple position. You would like for him to learn it as soon as possible. But sometimes it just takes reps. But we'll keep coaching him and keep believing in him."

(On his demeanor after the game): "I'm down after every defeat. It's excruciating. There is no other way to say it. This is what we do and this is what we try to get done. I haven't lost confidence in our ability to do this and get it right. Jordan Zumwalt, Owamagbe Odighizuwa, Cassius Marsh, these guys are all true freshmen. There are a number of guys that are doing some really good things that we are going to benefit from as times goes on. Richard Brehaut is just a sophomore. I truly believe that we are going to get this done. If I didn't believe it I shouldn't be here. I'm adamant that we are going to work diligently to get our execution where it needs to be so we don't have to have this many conversations that are in this tone and I look the way I look and I apologize for that."

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops
(Opening statement): "Obviously a good win - a good team win. Going on the road and winning is a great compliment to our players and our coaches. I thought we played relatively well if you take out a couple of plays defensively. Besides that, we had pretty good control of the game. Offensively I thought we moved the ball well all game. The fourth quarter was a little disappointing. I thought Matt (Scott) was throwing to the right people; he just got a little bit high with the football. We had chances to put the game away. They kept us out of the end zone a big part of the game."

(On the fake punt): "I thought it was the right time to change the momentum. We thought it was there all day, and they took the bait and doubled our receivers. That's when you have to call those plays. You have to have enough courage and toughness to make them and execute them. I thought it was big in flipping the field with six minutes left in the game."

(On Quarterback Matt Scott): "I thought he was really good. I thought Matt played well the whole game. He ran the ball effectively. He made tons of plays throughout the course of the game. They came with a lot of pressure. He did a good job running. He continues to improve and we knew that we could win with Matt."

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