UCLA Women's Rowing Concludes Weekend Against Stanford
March 27, 2011

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REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. - The UCLA women's rowing team won two of its four races against Stanford on Sunday afternoon, one day after racing against California. The Bruins' earned first-place finishes in the varsity four and novice eight events.

Stanford's varsity eight crossed the finished line 7.9 seconds ahead of UCLA. The Cardinal posted a time of 6:31.60, while UCLA clocked in at 6:38.90. Stanford also bested UCLA's second varsity eight, recording a time of 6:40.80, ahead of UCLA at 6:51.60.

UCLA's varsity four edged the Cardinal, posting a time of 7:22.10, just 2.5 seconds ahead of Stanford (7:24.60). The Bruins also won the novice eight race with a time of 6:56.30, more than 23 seconds ahead of Stanford (7:19.50).

The Bruins' return to action at the San Diego Crew Classic on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3.

UCLA vs. Stanford (Redwood Shores, Calif.)

Varsity 8+
Stanford - 6:31.60
UCLA - 6:38.90

Second Varsity 8+
Stanford - 6:40.80
UCLA - 6:51.60

Varsity 4+
UCLA - 7:22.10
Stanford - 7:24.60

Novice 8+
UCLA - 6:50.30
Stanford - 7:19.50

Lineups vs. Stanford
Varsity 8+: (stroke) Rachel LaBella, (7) Britta Syverson, (6) Katherine Hruska, (5) Kat Lauer, (4) Mariko Snyder, (3) Tanya Smith, (2) Nicole Sung-Jereczek, (bow) Anastasia Alexander, (coxswain) Alaizah Koorji

Second Varsity 8+: (stroke) Victoria Babson, (7) Alexa Farafontoff, (6) Jessica McGuire, (5) Emily McLaughlin, (4) Caroline Curson, (3) Hillary Caldwell, (2) Kirstin Snook, (bow) Deanna Wong, (coxswain) Mia Hamano

Varsity 4+: (stroke) Carolina Paini, (3) Tamar Schaap, (2) Erica Lockard, (bow) Alexis McPhee, (coxswain) Ariel Handler

Novice 8+: (stroke) Amanda Fox, (7) Olivia Smith, (6) Chelcey Romeril, (5) Erin Wenzel, (4) Jamie Swan, (3) Taylor Veit, (2) Samantha Upton, (bow) Natalie Pettee, (coxswain) Alexandra Scullion

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