No. 10 UCLA Rowing Opens Postseason at Pac-10 Championships
LOS ANGELES - The No. 10 UCLA women's varsity eight crew has earned the No. 4 seed in the Pac-10 Championships to be held Sunday, May 13, at Lake Natoma in Sacramento, Calif. The Bruins will face off against five other conference foes ranked in the top 20 on Sunday, May 13. UCLA's second varsity 8 and novice 8 crews garnered the top-seed in their respective races while the varsity 4 boat will race as a seven-seed.

Pacific Coast Rowing Championships, Saturday, May 12, 2007
The Bruins' post-season action begins on Saturday, May 12, at the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships. The Bruin open 4 and novice 4 boats will compete in qualifying heats beginning at 9:50 AM. The open 4 boat will hit the waters at 9:50 AM in lane 2 with Western Washington in lane 1, USC in lane 3, and St. Mary's in lane 4. The top 3 finishers will meet the other heat's qualifiers in the final at 2:50 PM. UCLA's novice 4 crew is slated to clash with Cal in lane 1, Sonoma State in lane 3, and St. Mary's in lane 4 in their championship race at 1 PM.

For more information on the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships, please visit their website.

Pac-10 Championships, Sunday, May 13, 2007
The No. 10-ranked UCLA varsity 8 will battle with No. 1-ranked USC, No. 8 Cal, No. 16 Washington, No. 18 Stanford, and No. 20 Oregon State for a Pac-10 championship and NCAA Championship bid on Sunday, May 13.

The varsity 4 boat spearheads the Bruins' Pac-10 championship charge on Sunday at 8 AM as the event's seven-seed. The top-seeded Bruin novice 8 boat races at 8:40 AM followed by the top-seeded UCLA second varsity heat at 9:00 AM. UCLA's four-seeded varsity 8 boat caps the qualifying round with its race at 9:20 AM.

For more information on the Pac-10 Championships, please visit the conference's event website.

In last year's Pac-10 Championships, three of UCLA's four crews advanced to their respective Grand Final races. The varsity eight finished sixth in the Grand Final, finishing behind California, Washington State, USC, Washington and Stanford, respectively. The second varsity eight turned in the Bruins' most impressive performance, finishing in second place just 2.0 seconds behind California. The varsity four finished fifth in its Grand Final race, and UCLA's novice eight turned in a fifth-place finish in the Petite Final.

As a result of their performance in the 2006 Pac-10 Championships, the Bruin varsity eight crew earned its second-consecutive at-large bid in the NCAA Women's Rowing Championships. The Bruins hope to do well enough to earn a team bid for the 2007 NCAA Championships held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee


Time Event Heat
8:00 AM Varsity 4 1
8:10 AM Varsity 4 2
8:40 AM Novice 8 1
8:50 AM Novice 8 2
9:00 AM 2nd Varsity 8 1
9:10 AM 2nd Varsity 8 2
9:20 AM Varsity 8 1
9:30 AM Varsity 8 2

Time Event Final
2:00 PM Varsity 4 PF
2:10 PM Varsity 4 GF
2:50 PM Novice 8 PF
3:00 PM Novice 8 GF
3:10 PM 2nd Varsity 8 PF
3:20 PM 2nd Varsity 8 GF
3:40 PM Varsity 8 PF
4:00 PM Varsity 8 GF

2007 Pac-10 Championships Seedings

Varsity Eight
1. USC
2. California
3. Stanford
5. Washington
6. Oregon State
7. Gonzaga
8. Washington State
9. UC Davis
10. Sacramento State
11. SDSU
12. St. Mary's
13. Sonoma State

2nd Varsity Eight
2. California
3. USC
4. Washington
5. Oregon State
6. Washington State
7. Stanford
8. UC Davis
9. Gonzaga
10. Sacramento State
11. SDSU
12. St. Mary's

Novice Eight
2. Gonzaga
3. Washington
4. Oregon State
5. CAL
6. Washington State
7. UC Davis
8. USC
9. Sacramento State
10. SDSU
11. St. Mary's
12. Sonoma State

Varsity Four
1. California
2. Washington
3. USC
4. Stanford
5. Washington State
6. Oregon State
8. Sacramento State
9. Gonzaga


Varsity 8: Vanessa Teff (stroke), Patricia Dudziec, Lynn Hancock, Hayley Robinson, Elizabeth Lee, Alexandra Howard, Erin Haggerty, Jessica Fritz, Kirsten Potenza (coxswain)

2nd Varsity 8: Elizabeth Herron (stroke), Erin Rice, Leah Wachtel, Destinie Slavich, Renee Cornwell, Candace Ferguson, Brittany Merchant, Vanessa Jansen, Megan McQuown (coxswain)

Novice 8: Kaitlin Doering (stroke), Lauren Counter, Jessica Buzawa, Samantha Melzer, Danielle Piccinini, Caitlyn Czisny, Christina King, Anne Schier, Marissa Linden (coxswain)

Varsity 4: Alexandra Lauren (stroke), Lillian Sakkis, Jennifer Weber, Alexis Kalionzes, Brittany Liljeqvist (coxswain)

Open 4: Maida Habibovic (stroke), Megan Lightfoot, Bree Hemingway, Victoria Kaso, Emily Wachtel (coxswain)

Freshman 4 Briana Hernandez (stroke), Whitney Standefer, Ashley Guzik, Charlotte Burke, Gevrina Seferaj (coxswain)

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Saturday, Mar 05
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Marina del Rey, CA
Saturday, Mar 12
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Saturday, Mar 26
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Sunday, May 15 - TBA PST
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Friday, May 27 - All Day PST
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