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Postgame Quotes - Arizona 4, UCLA 0
By: UCLA Athletics

June 17, 2012

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UCLA Head Coach John Savage
"First off, you really have to give Konner Wade a ton of credit. We had our way with him, I don't know, a month and a half, two months ago, whatever it was, and he really, really pitched well tonight. No walks and I think he had four strikeouts. We rolled over all night and really that's a credit to him. I really have to tip my hat. He pitched as well as anybody we've seen all year. I'm not sure when is the last time we've been shut out, but you really have to give him credit. We weren't ourselves, but it had a lot to do with him. We were uncharacteristically impatient. And that's what good pitchers do. At the end of the day I thought he really made pitch after pitch and it was a difficult task to get anything off of him. I thought Nick also threw the ball extremely well. Five hits in a row really was the difference in the game. That was it. I think they had six hits, five in a row. That middle of the lineup is a very, very good lineup and Nick was very sharp. I think he had eight strikeouts, one walk, and really the difference in the game was that five hitter stretch. That was it. It was pretty quiet from both sides the whole evening. You have to give Wade and you have give our guy, I think, a ton of credit, because they really both came out and performed at a very high level. But their guy was the best guy, and he was better than us tonight. So we'll move on. It's all about taking blows at the College World Series. It's not a dagger. It's a blow. We'll move on and we'll be ready to play on Tuesday night."

(on making adjustments against Wade): "We talked about seeing the ball in the zone, making him bring the ball up. Both pitchers pounded the zone and I thought the umpire got in rhythm. There were a lot of strikes. And, like I said, I think we got him in trouble maybe twice. There were two outs and it's tough to get a lot going with two strikes. We told them to be patient. We were antsy, impatient, totally the opposite of what we were talking about really. But there, again, you can't just say we had a bad night and we weren't good enough. That's not where we're at. We're 48-15, and we won a lot of games and we haven't lost in quite a while. It's baseball, and you've got to give the other side credit and they beat us tonight. We're still in the tournament though, so there you have it."

(on the road now to get back to the Championship Series): "I mentioned that the team, two years ago, won tonight. We sat there for three days, and I thought we didn't come out very well against TCU. We were in the driver's seat and then we came back and ended up winning that bracket. No one ever said it was going to be easy. You're surely not going to be rusty now. You're going to be going through some pitchers, and that's okay. I mean, we've done a team effort all season long. It hasn't been one or two guys so we'll see how sharp we've been in the extra bullpens and extra batting practice, because we're going to need everybody on board. That might be the way we have to go down that path. So we'll be ready to play on Tuesday and we know we're going to be playing a very good Florida State team."

UCLA Shortstop Pat Valaika
(on Konner Wade): "He was pounding the zone in on us a lot early. He was getting ahead in counts and he was just mixing pretty well. He'd go fastball in, then slider. He was just keeping us off balance, and it was a lot different from when we faced him previously. He didn't have as good of command then so we had a lot more guys on. Tonight, we just pounded the ball in the dirt all game."

UCLA Pitcher Nick Vander Tuig
(on the four-run inning): "I thought I made some good pitches and they put some good swings on it. You have to give them credit. I messed up a couple times, which hurt me, to I think it was Brown, the lefty. And they put good swings on it."

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