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UCLA vs. Washington State Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Oct. 8, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
UCLA 28, Washington State 25
October 8, 2011

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel

opening remarks
"We're excited about the victory. I'd like to congratulate Washington State on a hard-fought game. I'm thrilled that we stepped up when absolutely necessary to win the game. The big story of the game for me, not only as a head coach but also as the quarterbacks coach, is about the guy [Kevin Prince] who had been demoted, had been sent to the gallows of quarterback life. When you lose your job, especially after the first quarter that he had against Texas, you lose a great portion of the reps that you had been enjoying. I'm very proud of Kevin. We had conversations of how he needed to take care of business, but it's different once you get in the game. I'm thrilled for him to be able to step into that situation. There were portions where he was missing some throws that he needed to hit. He didn't make any excuses. He stepped up and made plays for us, which was huge. I'm looking forward to some much needed rest, trying to get some of our injured players healthy. We'll keep our fingers crossed that they will be ready to get on the plane when we head to Tucson one week from Wednesday. We look forward to playing a great game on Thursday night television."

on Nelson Rosario's one-handed catch in the fourth quarter
"Well, Nelson makes a lot of one-handed catches. We had some chances to make some plays. Washington State wanted to jam our guys, and their strategy was working. Whether we dropped or missed the pass, we weren't hitting the percentage that you need to drive them out of that. Even though the score was in the balance, we tried it again. I don't think the ball was the best ball, but it was in the vicinity. Nelson took it upon himself to make it happen. He felt bad that he didn't knock the ball down earlier on that interception. It was a terrific play. It came at a very important time in the game. Obviously, that was a huge turning point."

on tonight's defensive effort being UCLA's best of the season
"I haven't looked at the numbers. Certainly, they went up and down the field. But when we got them in the red zone, the way we stepped up, especially when they got three more downs, I thought that was awesome. To go in there with the lead at 28-25 and stop them with a turnover, that was huge. Those are the kind of things that happen and can serve as a catalyst. Hopefully some of our frontline guys will return to action. It's great to have them celebrate like they are right now."

on Richard Brehaut's injury
"He was laying on the ground when I went out there. They were asking where it hurt. I was worried it was his knee, and it looked like it was an ankle. I looked down and it wasn't at a place where they call it a sprain. I was worried, especially with how he couldn't put any weight on his foot. If there is a tougher guy, I don't know him. He's a resilient son of a gun. He will be back as soon as he can get back. I'm proud of him, too. There were a couple balls earlier that could have been a little lower. We are going to miss Richard, but as is the case, the next guy has to be ready, and Richard will work his butt off to get back."

on UCLA's decision to pass the ball on a late 3rd-and-8
"The down and distance was third and three. We felt that they jumped. We reached out and touched them, which is the rule. If we touch them they are offsides. Unfortunately, it wasn't ruled that way. So now it's third and eight. We didn't want to kick it back to them. We gave a run action. I thought Joe [Fauria] was open in the flat, but Kevin saw Josh [Smith] and pinned it to him. It was a great play by both athletes."

Washington State head coach Paul Wulff

on WSU's play in the red zone
"We had one dropped pass and we just kind of sputtered. We missed on some opportunities, but I was still happy to get points out of those situations. Obviously looking back we needed a few touchdowns."

on the running game
"We wanted to control the clock, and we did a lot of what we wanted to do because we didn't want to put our defense in a situation where UCLA could wear us down. I thought our players played a good football game, but at the end of the day, they made a few more plays late than we did."

on UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince's play
"You have to give him a lot of credit. He came off the bench and made some really key throws. He ran the ball pretty well."

on UCLA's final interception in the fourth quarter
"I think the receiver was trying to wiggle him and make room to get open and [Marshall Lobbestael] threw it. It's just one of those things. He got ghosted."

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