Men's Soccer College Cup Pre-Game Press Conference Quotes And Photo Gallery

Nov. 30, 2006

Photo Gallery

St. Louis, Mo. - The UCLA men's soccer team met with the media on Thursday in St. Louis on the eve of the NCAA semifinals. The Bruins will face Virginia on Friday, Dec. 1 at 5 pm CT in a game televised live on ESPN2.

Pre-Game Press Conference Quotes

UCLA head coach Jorge Salcedo
Opening Statement
"We are very happy to be here. It is always a great spot to be in, ending your season at the College Cup. It's every team's goal at the beginning of the year to get to the College Cup. We are happy to be here in St. Louis."

On playing Virginia
"We are really looking forward to it. We played them our third game of the year. We played them at Virginia early in September. They are a very similar team to what we saw in September and we are looking forward to facing them tomorrow night."

On expectations at UCLA
"It is a given at UCLA that we need to win at all of our sports from basketball to football to Olympic sports. It's something that comes with the territory. If you afraid of that pressure or unwilling to put yourself forward and know that you have to win then you are at the wrong place."

Junior defender Mike Zaher
On how the weather may affect play
"We have had a lot of adversity thrown at us and we have overcome it and I think weather is one of the last things that we should be thinking about right now. It's going to be cold out there, but whether you're Wake [Forest], Virginia or Santa Barbara, everybody is going to deal with it."

On playing Virginia earlier this year
"I think at this point in the season we are both completely different teams. I know that we are certainly a different team then the first time we played them. I think it is going to be a completely different game and hopefully a different outcome in our favor."

Sophomore midfielder Sal Zizzo
On his goal scoring in the NCAA Tournament
"I attribute it to my team getting me in more positions to score goals. Early in the year, I was more of assist-type player, now I am getting in more goal scoring opportunities and finishing."

Senior goalkeeper Eric Reed
On the loss of key players from last year
"UCLA is known for having the top level players in the country, and every year we face players leaving our team for the professional ranks. We encourage that and support those people in their decisions every year, and last year was no different. This year, having lost those key players, we saw it could be a struggle, however we did our best to take in the new players we had this year and create a family."

On playing Virginia earlier this year
"I think we have experience from that game, knowing a little more about their team and some of their key players and as well as their team strategy."

- courtesy of Saint Louis University

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