Diario In Italia - Thea Lemberger

Aug. 26, 2011

Photo Gallery - Lake Como & Bellagio

Today was our last full day in Italia. We took a bus ride from Como up to Cadenabbia and then boarded a boat a boat ride to Bellagio, which is a beautiful lakefront city. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and authenticity of Bellagio's culture. The shopping was high-end but unique. I also enjoyed the freedom we had in Bellagio to adventure the town and mingle with the locals.

Bellagio and Como didn't look like other parts of Italy we had been to on this trip. They seemed the most unique to me. The atmosphere was much more chill than the other cities, which were more crowded, loud and touristy.

After our short trip we took about an hour boat ride back to our hotel in Como. Although the ride was a bit prolonged due to making a few stops along the way, it was really pretty and peaceful. It was a nice way to end the trip in such a relaxing, calm part of Italy.

Overall, I'd say my experience here in Italy was very interesting. I've never experienced any culture like this, so it was fun for me to compare and contrasts things I've experienced with the new things I've experienced here. It definitely made me appreciate little things like cold drinks, ice, the availability of restrooms, and ranch dressing. But overall I am definitely thrilled I got a chance to take part in an experience like this where I was able to learn things about myself and those who I shared it with, like the support staff, teammates and coaches.

- Thea Lemberger

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