UCLA Women's Rowing Races Past Oregon State, San Diego on Saturday

April 17, 2010

DEXTER LAKE, Ore. - The UCLA women's rowing program raced to first-place victories in both varsity eight races and the varsity four competition against Oregon State and the University of San Diego on Saturday morning.

The Bruins' varsity eight crew posted a time of 6 minutes, 29.93 seconds, nearly three seconds ahead of second-place Oregon State (6:32.70).

UCLA's second varsity performed equally well, posting a first-place time of 6:41.95. Oregon State crossed the finish line second, at 6:47.67, while San Diego clocked in at 7:01.12.

The varsity four race saw similar results, as UCLA crossed the finish line first, posting a time of 7:29.15. Oregon State's "A" and "B" four crews finished in 7:41.55 and 7:46.49, respectively. San Diego clocked in at 7:54.02.

UCLA's novice eight crew finished second to Oregon State's "A" boat. The Bruins finished the race in 6:57.26, while OSU's "A" crew posted a time of 6:52.10. OSU's "B" boat finished the novice eight race in 7:16.56.

Conditions on the water included 5-10 mph tailwind at the start of racing, diminishing to 0-3 mph by the end. The racing order was as follows: V8, 2V8, V4, N8.

The Bruins return to action on Saturday, May 1, facing crosstown rival USC in San Pedro, Calif.

Saturday's Results on Dexter Lake

Varsity Eight
1. UCLA - 6:29.93
2. OSU - 6:32.70
3. USD - 6:33.85

Second Varsity Eight
1. UCLA - 6:41.95
2. OSU - 6:47.67
3. USD - 7:01.12

Varsity Four
1. UCLA - 7:29.15
2. OSU "A" - 7:41.55
3. OSU "B" - 7:46.49
4. USD - 7:54.02

Frosh/Novice Eight
1. OSU "A" - 6:52.10
2. UCLA - 6:57.26
3. OSU "B" - 7:16.56

UCLA's Racing Lineups

Varsity Eight - (stroke) Lauren Counter, (7) Rachel LaBella, (6) Alexandra Bolt, (5) Lynn Hancock, (4) Britta Syverson, (3) Hillary Caldwell, (2) Kristin Fitzmorris, (bow) Anastasia Alexander, (coxswain) Alaizah Koorji.

Second Varsity Eight - (stroke) Taylor Vella, (7) Caroline Curson, (6) Jessica McGuire, (5) Anna Musky-Goldwyn, (4) Kaitlin Doering, (3) Alexa Farafontoff, (2) Kirstin Snook, (bow) Erica Lockard, (coxswain) Mia Hamano.

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