Diario In Italia - Corinne Costa

Aug. 26, 2011

Photo Gallery - Verona

On Thursday in Italy we visited Verona. Our main sightseeing for the day was the balcony of Juliet from the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. We visited the site of her real house and the real balcony where she and Romeo had their famous scene. As we walked to the house, we had to walk through a walkway that was covered with lovers' names written all over it in sharpies and markers. After we walked through the gates of that hallway, we came to a courtyard that also had lots of writing on the walls. At the far end of the courtyard was a statue of Juliet, located under the famous balcony. The courtyard was crowded and full of people trying to get a picture with the statue of Juliet.

After visiting Juliet's house, we had some free time to shop and look around. Once we all met up again we were off to pre-game. It was delicious. The first dish was a red sauce pasta, and the second was chicken and potatoes. We took off from Verona to a city just past Milan to play our fourth and final game of the tour and had an easy time putting that team away. Dinner for the night was McDonald's, and then we left for our hotel in Lake Como.

Friday is our last full day in Italy, and we are going to be spending it exploring Lake Como and Bellagio, two beautiful lakeside towns. It has been such an enjoyable trip, and all of us are grateful for the opportunity to take this trip together.

- Corinne Costa

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