No. 12 UCLA Women's Rowing Looks Ahead to Pac-10 Championships

May 13, 2010

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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - The No. 12 UCLA women's rowing team competes at the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships on Saturday before racing at the season-culminating Pac-10 Championships on Sunday.

UCLA will race against No. 1 California, No. 5 Stanford, No. 8 USC, No. 11 Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington at Pac-10 Championships.

After racing a second varsity four and novice four crew on Saturday at the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships on Lake Natoma, the Bruins will enter two varsity eights, one varsity four and one novice eight at Pac-10 Championships.

Admission to the 2010 Men's and Women's Rowing Championships is free, while parking for the event in Nimbs Flat State Park costs $10. Live scoring of Sunday's event will be provided by Jamco, and live streaming of the event will be made available on the links on the Pac-10 Rowing Championship page, by clicking here.

Sunday's Schedule of Races
9:30 a.m. - Men's Frosh/Novice Eight
9:50 a.m. - Women's Novice Eight
10:10 a.m. - Men's Varsity Four
10:30 a.m. - Women's Varsity Four
10:50 a.m. - Men's Second Varsity Eight
11:10 a.m. - Women's Second Varsity Eight
11:30 a.m. - Men's Varsity Eight
11:50 a.m. - Women's Varsity Eight

UCLA's Probable Racing Lineups (Sunday)

Varsity 8+: (stroke) Lauren Counter, (7) Rachel LaBella, (6) Alexandra Bolt, (5) Lynn Hancock, (4) Britta Syverson, (3) Hillary Caldwell, (2) Kristin Fitzmorris, (bow) Anastasia Alexander, (coxswain) Alaizah Koorji

Second Varsity 8+: (stroke) Taylor Vella, (7) Caroline Curson, (6) Jessica McGuire, (5) Anna Musky-Goldwyn, (4) Kaitlin Doering, (3) Alexa Farafontoff, (2) Kirstin Snook, (bow) Erica Lockard, (coxswain) Mia Hamano

Varsity 4+: (stroke) Christina Sprouse, (3) Alexis McPhee, (2) Katherine Hruska, (bow) Anne Schier, (coxswain) Ariel Handler

Novice 8+: (stroke) Natasha Weidemann, (7) Lauren King, (6) Tamar Schaap, (5) Mariko Snyder, (4) Emily McLaughlin, (3) Lucy Thomas, (2) Kayla Cox, (bow) Jennifer Monacelli, (coxswain) Alex McEnroe

UCLA's Probable Racing Lineups (Saturday)

Second Varsity 4+: (stroke) Lindsay Pollock, (3) Megan Danley, (2) Anoush Khojikian, (bow) Nadia Basilio, (coxswain) Lisa Erlanger

Novice 4+: (stroke) Jasmine Conrad, (3) Leah Drummond, (2) Jennifer Monacelli, (bow) Chelsea Wolfe, (coxswain) Emily Crowley

Women's Rowing - Point System
First Place - V8 (21 pts), 2V8 (14 pts), V4 (7 pts), N8 (3.5 pts)
Second Place - V8 (18 pts), 2V8 (12 pts), V4 (6 pts), N8 (3 pts)
Third Place - V8 (15 pts), 2V8 (10 pts), V4 (5 pts), N8 (2.5 pts)
Fourth Place - V8 (12 pts), 2V8 (8 pts), V4 (4 pts), N8 (2 pts)
Fifth Place - V5 (9 pts), 2V8 (6 pts), V4 (3 pts), N8 (1.5 pts)
Sixth Place - V8 (6 pts), 2V8 (4 pts), V4 (2 pts), N8 (1 pt)
Seventh Place - V8 (3 pts), 2V8 (2 pts), V4 (1 pt), N8 (0.5 pt)

UCLA Health Sponsor - Event Information
Saturday, Mar 05 - 8:00 AM PST
vs. San Diego State
Marina del Rey, CA
Saturday, Mar 12 - 7:00 AM PST
vs. Loyola Marymount
Marina del Rey, CA
Saturday, Mar 26 - All Day PST
vs. Pac-12 Challenge
Redwood Shores, CA
Saturday, Apr 02 - All Day PST
vs. San Diego Crew ...
San Diego, CA
Saturday, Apr 16 - All Day PST
vs. Clemson Invitational
Clemson, SC
Saturday, Apr 30 - TBA PST
at USC
San Pedro, CA