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Post-Game Quotes - UCLA vs. Ohio State
By: UCLA Athletics

Nov. 24, 2001

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UCLA Quotes

Head Coach Kathy Olivier: "We've taken huge steps from last year. This is a different team. I feel we've come a long way."

Throughout the game, we were constantly coming back. We just kept coming back. We kept our heads up and worked through adversity."

(At halftime): "We just talked about confidence. We needed to stay focused. The team was very receptive to the adjustments. We just kept with whatever worked."

Malika Leatham:

"Throughout the game, we just kept working hard. With a win like this, it pays off for all the work we've done this summer. We did a lot of strength and conditioning, and we played every day. There was a lot of dedication, and no vacation."

Natalie Nakase: (Comparing UCLA with other teams) "We're pretty much smaller than every other team in every position, so we just need to work harder."

"Those final free throws were all mental. I felt really confident."

Ohio State Quotes

Head Coach Beth Burns:

"I give a lot of credit to UCLA. Everyone talks about Michelle Greco, but for this game, I give a lot of credit to Natalie Nakase. She ran her team very well, maximized the opportunities, and was difficult to trap.

(At halftime): "We talked about how UCLA's strength is in their pressure. I told them they were going to come at us, and we're just going to have to try to handle their pressure."

"I was pretty disappointed with the start of the game. I thought we played pretty flat. We watched the whole Arizona game, and we hardly ever watch a whole game. I was disappointed that some of the problems from Arizona continued in this game."

"Part of the game plan was to trap Greco. In the end, I guess we got fatigued."

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