Diario In Italia - Kacy Swain

Aug. 21, 2011

Photo Gallery - Ancient Rome

Rome, Italy - Today was another amazing day in Italy. A day after seeing Holy Rome, we got to see Ancient Rome, including The Coliseum and The Forum, both magnificent places that captured the social and political parts of the city. Even though it was scorching hot and the tour was filled with long walks, it was definitely a sight to see. The skyscraping architecture was unreal, and the stories behind them were even more unbelievable. After all the sight-seeing we endured that day, we stopped at a small café on the side of the road and grabbed some of the most delicious sandwiches. We had a really good time just sitting around the tables talking and laughing about the day's adventures.

When we got back to the hotel, the coaches made sure we had enough time to start our homework and study for the classes that we will be missing during this trip. I found this very helpful for me, because with all he touring and games we barely have enough time to do our work, and we do not want to cram on the plane ride back home. Finally, we played our second game against the Dutch National team. It was a tie game with two minutes left in the fourth quarter, and although we did not pull out with the win, we still had fun with the experience. After the rough game, we were graciously invited back to eat dinner with the Dutch team. Being able to learn about each other's cultures and comparing similarities and differences was a really fun experience. Not to mention the food was great!

Overall, today was a day filled with history, bonding, and culture. Being able to take this trip to Italy is a blessing, and I hope to milk every experience out of it. I also hope this trip will make our team even stronger for the tournament this year. As they say in Italian, "Ciao!"

-Kacy Swain

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