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Former Bruin Blake Krikorian's Invention Featured in Sports Illustrated

Sept. 29, 2005

"If you're a traveling sports fan who hates to miss your home team's games, technology has just thrown you a lifeline. The Slingbox, from Sling Media Inc., a tech firm in San Mateo, Calif., plugs you into your own living room, enabling you to use your laptop to watch every television channel that you get on your home TV... Blake and Jason Krikorian, who along with Bhupen Shah cofounded Sling Media, say they were inspired to invent the Slingbox in 2002 when they were traveling often for work... On a trip to Singapore in May, Blake was able to watch the UCLA women's water polo team - coached by his brother Adam - win an NCAA title because the game was broadcast on CSTV, part of his cable package back in California."
-Sports Illustrated, October 3, 2005

Blake Krikorian, a four-year men's water polo letterwinner from 1986 to 1989 and the brother of current men's and women's head coach Adam, was featured in the October 3 edition of Sports Illustrated for his revolutionary television viewing invention.

Blake and Jason Krikorian, both of whom are Adam's brothers, are two of three members of a team within Slingbox Media Inc. that created the Slingbox - a device which allows you to watch your own television from a laptop anywhere in the world. The box, which is about the size of a brick, connects to your home cable box or TiVo and then transmits the television signal to your PC laptop.

"The Slingbox clearly defines a new era for television viewing," Blake said in a statement released by the company last June. "Our goal is to enhance the TV-viewing experience by allowing people easy access to their living room television content, no matter their location: around the house or around the world."

"This thing is really incredible," Adam said of his brothers' recent work. "Had it not been for the Slingbox, Blake never would have been able to see us win last year's NCAA title. How else could someone in Singapore watch a television broadcast from Michigan for free on his laptop?"

Priced around $250, the Slingbox can currently be purchased at CompUSA and Best Buy or on the company's website.

After his water polo career, Blake graduated from UCLA in 1989 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

For more information on Sling Media, visit its website at

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