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Football Coaching Staff
Coach Info:
Ken Norris is in his 25th year as UCLA’s Director of Video Operations. Norris and his staff are responsible for recording the practices and games of the UCLA football team. They work with the coaching staff and provide them with specialized footage or “cutups” of the team and opponents for coaching, scouting, and game-planning purposes. Ken “The Godfather” Norris is considered one of the most innovative and respected minds in his profession. He was selected to receive the Pioneer Award at the 2012 College Sports Video Summit and has been named National Video Coordinator of the Year by his peers in the Collegiate Sports Video Association. One of Norris’ latest projects has been the development and implementation of the I2 Internet Exchange Program in the Conference. This venture now allows the Pac-12 Conference’s football programs to exchange coaching videos through the internet, bypassing the use of videotape. This rapid exchange of video means teams can now acquire the opposition’s fi lms more quickly, providing coaches with valuable additional time to scout and prepare for upcoming games. Norris is currently assisting other sports and other athletic conferences in implementing the I2 Program in their respective sports. Norris and his staff are also responsible for fi lming instructional and highlight footage for almost every UCLA Athletic program. They create many of the teams’ yearend highlight fi lms. He is assisted by full-time staff members Eric Kowal, Joe Plonsky and David Godoy.

Norris began his career working for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams at age 13 splicing and editing 16mm fi lm. He came to UCLA in 1989 after the retirement of legendary Bruin cinematographer Stan Troutman.

He and his wife, Joan, have two children, Travis and Chelsea.