UCLA Baseball All-Americans
Year Player Position Team
1963 Randy Schwartz 1B ABCA (2nd)
1964 Randy Schwartz 1B ABCA (1st), Sporting News (1st)
1967 Steve Klausen OF ABCA (2nd)
1968 Gary Sanserino SS ABCA (3rd)
1972 Mike Gerakos 3B CoSIDA (Academic)
1979 Tim Leary P Sporting News (1st), ABCA (2nd), CoSIDA (Academic)
1979 Jim Auten OF Sporting News (1st), ABCA (1st)
1979 Don Slaught C CoSIDA (Academic)
1983 Rich Amaral 2B Sporting News (1st)
1983 Shane Mack OF ABCA (1st), Baseball America (1st)
1984 Shane Mack OF ABCA (1st), Sporting News (1st), Baseball America (2nd)
1986 Alex Sanchez P Baseball America (1st)
1986 Bill Haselman OF Baseball America (Freshman 1st)
1987 Torey Lovullo 2B ABCA, Sporting News, Baseball America (1st)
1987 Bob Hamelin 1B Baseball America (Freshman 2nd)
1988 Eric Karros 1B Baseball America (3rd)
1988 Mike Magnante P CoSIDA (Academic)
1990 Paul Ellis C Baseball America, ABCA*, Collegiate Baseball, Sporting News (1st)
1990 Chris Pritchett 1B Baseball America (3rd)
1990 Pete Janicki P Baseball America (Freshman 1st)
1991 Ryan McGuire DH Collegiate Baseball (Freshman 2nd), Baseball America (Freshman 3rd)
1992 Mike Mitchell DH Collegiate Baseball (Freshman 1st), Baseball America (Freshman 2nd)
1992 Ryan McGuire 1B Collegiate Baseball (3rd)
1993 Ryan McGuire 1B Collegiate Baseball, Baseball America, Sporting News, Smith Super Team (1st)
1994 Tim DeCinces C Baseball America (Freshman 2nd)
1995 Eric Byrnes OF Collegiate Baseball, Baseball America (Freshman 1st)
1995 Tim DeCinces C Smith Super Team (2nd)
1996 Tim DeCinces C Smith Super Team (2nd)
1996 Jim Parque P Smith Super Team (2nd)
1996 Jim Parque P Smith Super Team (2nd)
1996 Eric Valent OF Collegiate Baseball (Freshman 1st)
1997 Troy Glaus SS Baseball America, Sporting News, NCBWA, Collegiate Baseball (2nd)
1997 Jim Parque P Sporting News (2nd), ABCA (2nd), Collegiate Baseball (3rd)
1997 Jon Heinrichs OF Collegiate Baseball (2nd), ABCA (2nd), Baseball America (3rd)
1997 Eric Valent OF Sporting News (2nd), ABCA (3rd)
1997 Peter Zamora UTL NCBWA (3rd)
1998 Eric Valent OF Baseball America (1st), Collegiate Baseball (1st), NCBWA (1st), ABCA (1st), Sporting News (2nd)
1998 Garrett Atkins 3B Collegiate Baseball (3rd), NCBWA (3rd), Baseball America (Freshman 1st), Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
1998 Bobby Roe P Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
1998 Chase Utley SS Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
1999 Garrett Atkins 1B NCBWA (1st)
1999 Josh Karp P Baseball America, Baseball Weekly, Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
1999 Bill Scott LF ABCA (1st), NSCWA (2nd), Collegiate Baseball (3rd), GTE/CoSIDA (Academic)
1999 Chase Utley 2B ABCA (1st)
2000 Garrett Atkins 1B Collegiate Baseball (3rd)
2000 Bill Scott LF Baseball Weekly (1st), Collegiate Baseball (1st), ABCA (1st), NSCWA (2nd), Sporting News (2nd)
2000 Chase Utley 2B Sporting News (1st), NCBWA (1st), ABCA (1st), Collegiate Baseball (3rd)
2000 Forrest Johnson C Collegiate Baseball (2nd)
2001 Brian Baron DH NCBWA (1st), Baseball Weekly (1st), Collegiate Baseball (1st), Baseball America (3rd)
2002 Wes Whisler UTL Baseball America (3rd), Baseball America (Freshman 1st), Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2003 Brett McMillan DH Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2006 Ryan Babineau C Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2006 Brandon Crawford SS Baseball America (Freshman 1st)
2007 Gabe Cohen OF Baseball America (Freshman 1st), Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2009 Trevor Bauer P Collegiate Baseball** (Freshman), Baseball America (Freshman 1st), NCBWA (Freshman 1st)
2009 Gerrit Cole P Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2010 Beau Amaral OF Baseball America (Freshman 2nd)
2010 Trevor Bauer P Baseball America (2nd), Collegiate Baseball (2nd)
2010 Gerrit Cole P Collegiate Baseball (2nd), Baseball America (3rd), NCBWA (3rd)
2011 Trevor Bauer P Baseball America* (1st), Collegiate Baseball* (1st), ABCA* (1st), NCBWA (1st)
2011 Adam Plutko P Baseball America (Freshman 1st), Collegiate Baseball (Freshman), NCBWA (Freshman 2nd)
2011 Zack Weiss P Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2012 Jeff Gelalich OF Baseball America (1st)
2012 Adam Plutko P Baseball America (3rd)
2012 Scott Griggs P NCBWA (2nd), Collegiate Baseball (3rd)
2012 David Berg P NCBWA (Freshman 2nd), Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2012 Grant Watson P Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)
2013 David Berg P Baseball America (1st), NCBWA (1st), Collegiate Baseball (1st)
2013 James Kaprielian P Collegiate Baseball (Freshman)

* Player of the Year, as named by that publication
** Collegiate Baseball Freshman Pitcher of the Year
bold indicates consensus first-team All-America selection