Chris Surapol

Sport: Men's Tennis

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Whittier, Calif.

Meet the Freshmen
Chris Surapol
Travis Kinard
Aaron Yovan

I first started playing tennis at age: Six

Person who inspired me to play: My Dad

Favorite Sport besides tennis: Basketball

Favorite moment last year: Winning every dual match in high school and then going on to win the CIF Singles Championship

If I could change anything about tennis it would be: Scoring. I would love to see a time limit so it would be more exciting for the audience and more fun to watch.

The first person I call after a match is: My brother

The one movie I must have in my movie collection: The Matrix

If I could be a character on any TV show I would be: Clark Kent on Smallville. He's Superman and he's got a really hot girl.

I came to UCLA because: Its all-around superiority

If I was granted three wishes they would be: Happiness, Success and a beautiful girl

If I could know the answer to one question it would be: How would my life have been different if I was taller

Something about me that few people know: That I was almost kidnapped on my 10th birthday

The person I would most like to be stuck on a deserted island with: My non-existent girlfriend

Nickname: Carpool, Lekki

If I had one last meal, it would be: Benihana's Imperial Dinner

Favorite midnight snack: Ice cream

Most famous person I have met: Tiger Woods

My biggest phobia is: Failing

Worst habit: Being too hard on myself

The strangest thing that ever happened to me is: My first and only 4.0 semester came in my junior year of high school

Biggest pet peeves: Stupidity and ignorance

Favorite thing to do outside of sports: Sleep

Phrase of word I use way too much: No, honestly?

Favorite holidays: Halloween and my birthday