Aaron Yovan

Sport: Men's Tennis

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Irvine, Calif.

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Aaron Yovan

I first started playing at age: Six

The highlight of my tennis career so far has been: Winning the Winter Super Nationals in 2000

The toughest place I ever played: Tucson, Arizona. It was 115 degrees!

The best player I ever played against: I got to hit with Jennifer Capriati

The person who inspired me to play tennis: My father

My favorite sport other than tennis is: Baseball

The person I would most like to face is: Andre Agassi

If I could give advice to a young tennis player it would be: Stick with it and never give up

My favorite opponent city to visit is: Stanford

The first person I call after a match: My parents

The one movie I must have in my movie collection is: Back to the Future

The TV show I can't miss: I don't watch much TV

The celebrities I admire most are: Jim Thome and Andre Agassi

In my CD player right now: Metallica or Iron Maiden

The most embarrassing CD in my collection is: Michael Jackson

The most embarrassing movie I ever paid to see was: The Tuxedo

The class at UCLA I have liked the best: Astronomy 3

The people I admire most in life and why: Anyone who becomes successful while overcoming adversity

Something about myself few people know: I love playing the electric guitar

The person I would most want to be stuck on a deserted island with: Anyone who knows how to escape

If I had one last meal it would be: Spaghetti

My favorite ice cream flavor is: Butter pecan

My worst habit is: Listening to too much music

The best present I ever received was: An Ipod

My favorite color is: Red

The word or phrase I use way too much: Dude

My favorite holiday is: Christmas. For the long break and all the gifts