GolDEN Games

Consider each GolDEN Game as a “go to” event for the quarter. A hand selected highlight game chosen by the diehard UCLA fans.

For every on-campus sport, The Den selects one top matchup per season per sport and makes it a GolDEN Game. These special events feature free giveaways, food, special contests, etc. With just 4-5 events per quarter, GolDEN games are easy to attend and are a perfect way to catch a multitude of UCLA teams in action in a fun, social environment. GolDEN games are FREE for every UCLA student.

Fall Quarter GolDEN Games:

Coming soon! 


Upcoming GolDEN games will be announced just before the quarter starts. The general schedule is:

Fall Winter Spring
Women's Volleyball Women's Basketball Baseball
Men's Soccer Gymnastics Softball
Women's Soccer Men's Tennis Track & Field
Men's Water Polo Women's Tennis Women's Water Polo
  Men's Volleyball  

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