The Bus Ride To The Stadium On Game Day


September 15, 2000

After the players finish eating breakfast at the hotel, they have about 30 minutes to do any last checks in their rooms and to make sure they have everything before they head to the bus.

Like clockwork, the players begin to file out of their rooms with their game faces on and their mind in deep thought, contemplating how they are going to attack and destroy the enemy as they begin to board the bus. In a ritualistic manner, a player may grab bottled water or a banana or even an apple before they select the bus that brings them the most luck. Was it bus number one, two, or three that they sat in the previous week?

Once they have selected a bus and are boarding, the troops must make a few more choices. Do they sit in the back or the front, by the window or the aisle, by themselves or with someone? It is very important that each troop must decide where they want to sit so that they are able to be comfortable when they think about the war they are going to fight and how they are going to win.

As the buses leave, the troops now know there is no turning back, so all they can do now is prepare their minds psychologically to fight. Some players listen to music, which helps put them in the right frame of mind, other troops may pray, and some players sit quietly and are mentally going through the game - I mean war - in their head. The atmosphere on the bus is unlike any other because of the tension in the air and the seriousness that surrounds each and every individual on the buses. I can tell you that the nervousness and anticipation that is running through the veins of the player on game day can only be described by those of who have seen "Saving Private Ryan" when the troops are in boats heading to invade the beaches of Normandy.

As the buses pull up to the stadium to deploy the players, we make one final march in front of are friends and family before we invade the football gridiron and attack our enemy.

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

P.S. I would like to thank all the Bruin fans out there who have been reading my notes. I have read your e-mails, and they have all been very supportive. Thank you. It is nice to see so many people that care. God Bless!