Wooden Academy The Wooden Academy is a comprehensive leadership development program designed to educate and support the standards of leadership for Bruin student-athletes. The pillars of the Wooden Academy are teamwork, leadership and character. The program is named after legendary Coach John Wooden, and strives to teach the values and principles of his Pyramid of Success. We believe that these skills will assist student-athletes in their pursuit to be successful leaders and teammates at UCLA, and as they prepare to be champions in life. Student-athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the Wooden Academy each year by attending seminars and learning practical leadership lessons from coaches, administrators and Bruin alumni.

  • Wooden Academy Seminars: These seminars bring back Bruin alums to share their stories and experiences with our student-athletes. Each speaker is asked to focus on a block of the Pyramid, and share how that particular skill helped them be successful as a student-athlete and in their transition into life after sports. All student-athletes are required to attend two Wooden Academy Seminars per academic year.
  • Leadership Development Program: This program is designed to teach freshman and transfers the skills they need to lead themselves and effectively work with others. Our goal is to create a strong network of future Bruin leaders. Bruin coaches and staff members present interactive workshops on leadership topics throughout the year. Freshman and transfers are required to attend a certain number of the Leadership Development Programs each year.