Agent & Amateurism Program

The UCLA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is pleased to introduce the Agent & Amateurism Program.

The program is designed to foster a collaborative relationship between our institution, student-athletes, families and agents. By working together, we can all ensure that UCLA student-athletes will maintain their amateur status while enrolled in school and then have every opportunity available to transition from intercollegiate to professional athletics.

The Program's features include Agent Registration, an Agent Database and Library, and Campus Interviews. These tools are primary resources for student-athletes and families to evaluate agents registered with UCLA's program. Student-athletes and families are strongly encouraged to work exclusively with registered agents who have demonstrated a commitment to compliance with UCLA policies, NCAA rules and California law.

The introduction of the Agent & Amateurism Program also represents a renewed focus on California's Miller-Ayala Act. All agents are expected to make only legally permissible contact with student-athletes and report those contacts and communications to the UCLA Compliance Department. Per NCAA rules, agents must avoid conduct that may endanger a student-athlete's amateurism status.

For more information, contact Matt Elliott in the Compliance Department at or 310-825-2164.