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Sam Mewis (photo by Scott Chandler)
Mew's Views - The Mouse Story and Other Things
By: UCLA Athletics

Mew's Views

Junior midfielder Sam Mewis is blogging for during the 2013 season. Mewis is a regular with the U.S. Women's Youth National Team and a two-time all-conference selection who has scored 30 points on 11 goals and 10 assists in her career.

First things first ... The Mouse Story.

This week, the members of the UCLA women’s soccer team had a life-altering experience in the locker room as Katelyn Rowland and Courtney Proctor made an important announcement. Katelyn had put her dorm microwave in storage over the summer, but it was recently moved back into her room. A lot of the girls who live in the dorms have made a habit of using Katelyn’s microwave. For example, Taylor Alderete would come in almost every day to microwave a frozen burrito that she would eat for lunch. The girls noticed something in the corner that they just thought was dirt or a wad of hair, so they ignored it and continued using the microwave. This past weekend, Katelyn’s mother came down from Northern California to see the games and was helping Katelyn do some cleaning. Apparently, the mysterious “fuzzball” that was in the corner of the microwave, which everyone had been ignoring for weeks, wasn’t a fuzzball ... it was a mouse.

Much to our disgust and disbelief, Katelyn’s microwave literally had a dead mouse in it while the girls were cooking their food. The team addressed the following issues incredulously:

1. How did the mouse get into the microwave?

2. If you thought it was a fuzzball, why wouldn’t you clean the microwave?

3. What are the odds that you become deathly ill from this rodent being repeatedly cooked with your food right next to it?

In my opinion, this is the most important thing that happened to the team all week. We are all scarred for life ... Katelyn and Courtney tried to defend themselves for a while, but to no avail. The Mouse Debacle will go down as a legend in the records of UCLA Women’s Soccer.

Despite this horrible atrocity, we had a successful weekend against Pepperdine and LMU! On Friday, we beat Pepperdine 2-0 before attending a barbecue at the Sternbachs with all of the parents who came to see the game. The Sternbachs' hospitality was above and beyond again, and the food was delicious. My parents were here again this weekend, so on Saturday they helped me get some things that my apartment needed and clean a little bit. It was news to me that you have to wash rugs ... but the mouse thing pretty much has me pro-cleanliness at this point.

Bruin BashOn Sunday, we played LMU and won 3-0. Katelyn Rowland made an incredible save on a penalty kick, so she deservedly kept the shutout. After the game, we rushed back to campus to attend the annual Bruin Bash - a concert sponsored by the school to celebrate the start of the school year. Tyga and E-40 performed, and the team all stayed together and danced in the new Pauley Pavilion. It was a lot of fun, despite the stampede of rap-loving students that we almost got trampled in beforehand.

Monday’s practice was recovery-based but productive and accomplished its purpose. Later on in the day, Ally Courtnall, Chelsea Braun, Belden Long and I went to a Networking Night at Rogers and Cowan, an entertainment marketing and PR firm nearby. As my junior year approaches, I’m starting to realize that I have to make some extra effort at preparing myself for my career. We all enjoyed the experience of the event and got to meet some very interesting and important people who work for the firm. Although I seem to change my mind weekly, I think the meeting inspired me to want to pursue journalism after I’m done playing soccer.

A few of the girls have decided to join a sorority this year as another way to create contacts and develop a social network outside of soccer. There are already several members of the team who are involved with Greek life, but Madison Tye and Claire Winter are rushing this year. For Claire, it’s a way to branch out and be a part of the school beyond soccer. She’s also following in the footsteps of her mother, who was a leader of her sorority in college.

New ZealandI want to give a big congratulations to Rosie White and her New Zealand national team. They won the Valais Cup in Switzerland this week, defeating China 4-0 in the final. Rosie scored a goal in the final. We are more than excited to have her back this weekend but are extremely proud of her accomplishments on the international level.

We have an important game against Arizona this Sunday as Pac-12 play finally kicks off. Every game in the Pac-12 matters if we want to pursue a championship, so we are looking forward to getting down to business and playing this weekend. If you can’t make the game make sure to watch on the Pac-12 network! See you next week. Go Bruins!

- Sam Mewis

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