UCLA 86, Sacramento State 50

UCLA head coach Steve Alford

opening statement
"I was really pleased with our defense. Coming off of our last game against Oakland, I thought we showed some progress and we really took a step forward in this game. They did a lot of different things offensively from the weave, to using the half court to eat clock, to running in transition that we had to guard tonight, and we did a pretty good job of defending all of those. I really appreciate the guys' efforts. We were really shorthanded with Noah and Travis being out, but Travis is back now, and we think that we're going to have him for this weekend for the two games. That'll be good having Travis back, and at some point next week we hope to have Wanaah back as well. To be short-manned again and have Bryce under the weather today, I thought the guys really fought and did a lot of good things. Once again, I was very pleased defensively. It was also another game where we shared the basketball well, had a low-turnover game and a high assist game so hopefully we're making some progress."

on Travis Wear’s status
"He's been doing a lot of things on his own and with our trainer and our strength coach, but has been no contact so far. He's felt very, very good, but there's a timetable that we had to stick too and he's done a really good job of getting things back. He should be back by Friday."

on not committing many fouls against Sacramento State
"It was huge. Obviously, it was a huge concern for us going into the game being shorthanded and knowing that foul trouble tonight could really affect us. I thought Bryce gave us some really good minutes along with Zach. Both Zach and Bryce did a great job off the bench of doing a lot of positive things. I thought they were active defensively, they made shots and they moved the basketball for us, so that was big. But staying out of foul trouble was also huge for us."

UCLA guard Jordan Adams

on his career-high eight steals
"Last year, I believe I had six or seven steals in one game, but tonight they were exposing the ball, so I just went after it. It was good to establish our rhythm early. It helps me because I went through some shooting slumps last year, so playing great defense helps me through slumps."

UCLA guard Zach LaVine

"We [Zach and Bryce Alford] are always ready to play. We know its limited time out there, so we have to be ready. We started off with man-to-man defense and that energized our offense."

UCLA guard Bryce Alford

on his behind the back pass to Jordan Adams
"I had Jordan to my right and Zach to my left, and I just knew if I got it to one of them, they would finish. I'm not sure why I threw it behind my back. I've had a virus and a sore throat all week, but I just fought through it. We [Zach and I] know our role on this team. We don't have many bodies, so we have to be ready to play. I felt like our man-to-man defense was much better. We did a great job of scrambling and guarding everybody."

Sacramento State head coach Brian Katz

"It kind of got away from us right before the half. They are very explosive. They got out and got some transition baskets. They have a lot of weapons, and when Adams got going the way he was shooting, it was going to be a long night for us. We're trying to get Dylan [Garrity] to be an aggressive shooter he hasn't always been, and he was the best of us tonight. We're excited about his performance [6-of-12 three-pointers]. We are going to UC Davis next, and I like our potential for the conference season. UCLA has a good club, and Adams and Anderson are classy kids and really understand the game. It will be intersting to see how they develop. It's obvious that UCLA will be a good team this year. They are a team that can explode and they did. We were trying to stop the penetration, but they lobbed the ball over us and we had to do a better job of keeping them in front of us. When they lob over us, it's not a good deal."


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