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Amand Cromwell, Jenna Richmond and Taylor Smith
UCLA Meets with Media on Eve of College Cup
By: UCLA Athletics
UCLA participated in media activities on the eve of the NCAA Women's College Cup in Cary, N.C. on Thursday. Below are quotes from the pregame press conference 

Head Coach Amanda Cromwell

Opening statement
"Obviously, it’s great to be here. We are very excited. This venue is tremendous. We were walking around the facilities yesterday and we got to see the pitch a little bit. We’re really excited; there’s great competition. We’re familiar with all these teams. Obviously, I played in the ACC so I’m very familiar with Virginia because it’s my alma mater. There’s exciting games coming up on Friday and Sunday. Thanks for hosting us and have a nice year."

On facing her alma mater
"I’m definitely proud of them for making the Final Four. It’s been quite a long time. They’ve had some excellent teams between my senior year and now. We have a game to win on Friday and that’s where, for our sake, we want to move on. I’ve always supported my alma mater, but in the end, we have a game to win. It will be sweet for us to win."

On what has gone right for UCLA to make it to the College Cup
"I left a very good UCF team after being there for 14 years for this reason. I knew the quality of players that were at UCLA. This was a goal from the get‐go: To win the Pac‐12 and to win a national championship. I have to give all the credit to the players really. The leadership has been fantastic. They really came around. Jenna (Richmond) had three different coaches in four years. That’s a tough adjustment. The leadership was big helping us communicate things. They came under our leadership and it’s been pretty seamless. I have to point to the trip we took to Norte Dame’s tournament and Duke’s tournament. We were on the road 10 days together. We got to know each other. We spent time away from the field and that definitely helps."

On the team’s path from the end of the regular season until now
"That’s one of our strengths, the depth of this team along with throwing different formations out on the field. Personal changes have been throughout the season. I think when you watch our transformation from the end of the season throughout the playoffs. Our attack has been very good. Taylor Smith has been unbelievable, her impact on the game and how dangerous she is. Sam (Mewis) has had five assists in the playoffs, so that’s incredible. Jenna (Richmond) and Sarah (Killion) have just been running the show. When you look at the playmaking and the dynamic attack we have, it’s hard to stop. We haven’t given up a goal yet, so I would be remiss to not mention our defense. Our defense is really hard to score on and I think we have the best goalkeeper in the country."

Jenna Richmond, Midfielder, Senior

On how to win the midfield battle
"We definitely need to be aware of her (Morgan Brian) obviously. If we just focus on our game, focus on the midfield shape… Sarah, Sam and me working together … It will be a really tough battle and it will be good."

Taylor Smith, Forward, Sophomore

On her goal against UNC in the quarterfinals
"It was really exciting. We were working hard the entire game. I just remember North Carolina was coming down our side and actually got off a scary shot and Katelyn (Rowland) made a great save. After that we had to transition. I am pretty sure she hit a ball to Sam, and Sam back to Sarah. Sarah and I had been trying to get that through ball all game, and she played a perfect ball and I just ran with it. I had an eye for the goal and I was going to finish. It was exciting and then the dog pile and getting crushed… it was fun."

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