UCLA 91, Washington 82
March 6, 2014

UCLA head coach Steve Alford
on UCLA’s ball control
“We did a much better job in the second half. I believe we had one turnover in the second half. To have one turnover in the last 20 minutes when you are playing on the road, that’s some pretty good offense.”

on what he told Zach LaVine about playing in his hometown
“Don’t pay any attention to fans. It’s what happens between that 94 and 50 [feet]. Do all of your talking right there, and that’s what he does. Especially in the second half. I think that our bench got 36 points. If you can get that kind of production from three guys scoring in double figures off the bench, I thought that was huge for us.

“I didn’t say one word [to him], not one word about that. Just play. Do what you do. Regardless of whether we are in the state of Washington or we are back in California. Just play the way you play. He has been very mature over the course of the season. This is what, our 30th game, so we are 30 games into this. And you’re going to get heckled wherever you go. It’s just a matter of doing what you can do. We have talked about this all year – control what you can control, and I thought he did a good job of handling that.”

on Jordan Adams exiting in the second half (cramps) and Zach LaVine filling the void
“I thought Zach in the second half, he did that. He started to drive the basketball hard and he’s starting to do that better instead of just doing the jump shot thing. He got to the free throw line tonight. It’s been a while since he got to the free throw line. That’s a big key for him, to be aggressive. We got in that bonus. Both teams got into the bonus a little bit quicker in the second half. We are a very good foul shooting team, so we wanted to try to take advantage of that. We got some more stops in the second half. We were pretty solid for 40 minutes, offensively. But I did not like our defense at all in the first half. I thought that in the second half we got a few more stops that we needed.”

on Jordan Adams’ style of play dictating UCLA’s rhythm
“It’s what we want to do. We knew that it was going to be a game like this. We did not think that both teams would shoot 55 percent or better. So, it was probably a little too much offense and not enough defense out of either team. We thought it would be fast-paced. We thought it would be up-tempo. That’s where we are most comfortable playing. We were getting some shots and then we got the right stops at the right time. Once we got it to three possessions, our guys did a really good job of keeping it there.”


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