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Football Coaching Staff
Courtney Morgan
Director of Player Development / High School Relations
Coach Info:
Position: Director of Player Development / High School Relations
Other Position: High School Relations
Alma Mater: Michigan
Graduating Year: 2003
Experience: 2 Years

Courtney Morgan completed his first season as the Director of Player Development and High School Relations. Morgan is responsible for UCLA’s Player Life Development Program, which helps players transition from high school to college and prepares them for the challenges in their post-athletic careers.

Morgan has dedicated his professional career to empowering young athletes, encouraging them to reach their full potential in sports and in life. He seeks to expose athletes to the power of their brand by connecting them to opportunities and resources that will ensure their success. Morgan serves as the Director of Player Development for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) football team. In this role, Morgan develops and facilitates programs, enhancing the personal and professional development of one hundred, Division I student football players.

Morgan has been touted as a key element in the transformation of UCLA’s football program under the leadership of Head Coach Jim Mora. Morgan helped to create a culture of accountability in the UCLA football program, shaping the mindset of players to remain focused on what it takes to be champions on and off the field. With a focus on strong character building, Morgan helps players make the best decisions when they are away from the football program that will ultimately help themselves and the team. In addition, Morgan provides players with the information and perspective needed to understand the realities of college football and how to maximize its platform to excel in the game of life.

Morgan appreciates the need for this perspective all too well. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Communications from the University of Michigan. He also played starting right tackle for the Wolverines. As a student athlete, he experienced first-hand the pressures and opportunities that accompany Division I college football. He draws on this college football experience to inform and empower student athletes at UCLA.

Prior to joining the UCLA football program, Morgan spent seven years in the field of medical devise sales. During that time he developed strong business acumen, public relations experience and the ability to work with diverse populations in a multi-billion dollar industry. Morgan also successfully transitioned from the world of college football to a professional career where he thrived; which provides a powerful example for the UCLA football players he mentors. Morgan brings a decade of education, athletic and professional experience to UCLA football program on a daily basis.

Morgan is a native Los Angelino with a national network of athletics professionals.