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UCLA vs. Washington
By: UCLA Athletics

Oct. 1, 2005

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UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell
That was one of those games you learn a lot about yourself as a team and as a program. We weren't playing well in the beginning of the game. Our defense was doing things sporadically, as were our offense and our special teams. Washington came in ready to play. They had a great game plan and put the pressure on us. They did a tremendous job in executing their game plan the majority of the game. What we did at halftime was challenge our team about how to respond to things that came up in first half. We're still growing as a team, we're still young, and that was a great experience to go through. Sometimes you're not going to have the best performance and you have to put together a performance to win a game. It shows positive signs about our team. There's no quit in the team. We found a way to make a play when we needed to make a play. We made some mistakes and were able to overcome those mistakes. We'll learn from this particular game. It was a gut-check type of game. We have a lot ot build from, especially going into next week's game against the California Bears.

(On Maurice Drew scoring the game-winning touchdown) It was nice to see a score to get the winning points in the game. That was the important factor. I'll take a victory the way we did it. I'll take two yards of rushing if we can win the ballgame.

It is a relief for just a moment because we won the game. We still have so much work to do, and that's disappointing, but I'm even more encouraged because there are so many things we can build from. The Pac-10 is a very competitive conference. Sometimes you mistake records to be a tell-tale sign of an opponent. If you do those kinds of things you get caught and blindsided. Washington was improving week after week and played well against Notre Dame. That was a pretty good Washington team.

UCLA Quarterback Drew Olson
(on the winning drive in the fourth quarter) It was just one of those drives. I was trying to get it into one of our playmakers' hands. I think Marcus Everett's juke was huge. It gave us a big chunk of yards. Our guys just started to turn it up and we started to make some plays. We called some different plays we hadn't called throughout the game.

(on Washington's defense) That front seven is a pretty good front seven. That's two weeks in a row we haven't been able to run the ball very well. We've got some things to address there. But we won, and that's what matters.

(on being down at halftime) It was good for us. It was gut-check being down 10-0 at halftime. It was nice to see how the guys responded, and hopefully we can build character from it. We just stayed relaxed. A couple of times we found ourselves getting tight and jumping offsides.

It was a frustrating game for the most part. We shouldn't really have to do that (come from behind in the final minutes), but that's the way the game works, and that's why we play it. As long as we came out victorious, that's all that matters.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham
Tonight we had an opportunity to win. Most of the game, we kept their offense bottled up. But we didn't finish, and they did, and that was the difference.

They did a nice job, and you have to give them credit. They came up and found a way to make some plays. We did some good things too, but obviously not enough of them.

Every loss takes something out of you. I don't think it matters how it comes. For people who don't like to lose, it eats away at you.

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