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Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Sept. 14, 2002

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UCLA Head Coach Bob Toledo

On outlook of the game
"We're 2-0, and we're excited to be 2-0 with our young football team. We started out slow once again and they (OSU) had alot of energy, we didn't match their energy and they got a quick lead on us. It showed a lot of character for our team to prove that we could come back again and that always makes you fell good as a football coach, that you did not just give into it, but that you fought back. We made some big plays offensively and I though Corey (Paus) threw the ball pretty well, he had three touchdowns and ran for one. Our kicking game was good until that punt return at the end. Our defense did good to stop the run and putting pressure on the quarterback. We had too many pass interference calls and they made some big plays throwing the ball. They hurt us with their passing game and we knew they had a good passing attack, and it definetly showed with that receiver (Woods).

On Rashaun Woods
"He's a heck of a receiver, luckily we don't play too many like him. We have played against alot of good receivers over the years, but he certainly ranks up there as one of the best ones, and there is a reason he's as good as he is.

On passing game
"We saw some things on film and felt that there defensive backs were squatting in the intermediate part of the field. We felt as if we coulld run by them and it paid off on the first touchdown. Our goal was to thow four or five deep balls tonight and we did that.

On turnovers
"It's nice to get turnovers, and turnovers win and lose football games. We've been in the plus side of that category two games in a row and thats something we have talked about is staying on the plus side.

On Corey's (Paus) confidence
"He got in the rythm of the game and threw some nice balls. He does more than people think out there. He checks things at the line of scrimage, and reads protection. He just understands what is going on as a five year veteran."

UCLA Quarterback Corey Paus

On the crowd:
"They were pretty loud. It was one of the louder places I've ever been to. They're smart football fans and they know what's going on. I thought we handled it pretty well, but it was fairly hard to hear out there."

On success throwing deep:
"We just completed some passes. I played better than I did last week. We saw them doing some things on the out routes and we felt like we could go by them and we did a couple times, on the first touchdown especially."

UCLA defensive back Ricky Manning, Jr.:

On the play of the secondary:
"I couldn't catch my breath all day, I was having cramps in my stomach. We had three picks in the secondary though, I was real excited about that."

On Rashaun Woods:
"He's a different kind of receiver, he doesn't play very hard. He doesn't block, doesn't run, but he goes and gets that ball, and that's his job. He might not hustle on every play but when it's time to get that ball he goes for it. He's a good receiver, I'm pretty sure he's going to tear up the Big 12. His catches didn't surprise me, but some of the calls did."

On Oklahoma State:
"They battle, they never gave up. They got lucky a couple of times with the quarterback throwing the ball up, but they can do that with the receivers they have."

OSU Coach Les Miles

On the game
"The name of the day was turnovers. We have enough talent to play with these guys, but when you turn the ball over five times you change the outcome of the game. At times the defense played dominant football. They stuffed the rush and got them to third down and ten. Then with maximum protection, UCLA would send a receiver deep and their tall athletic guys would go out and make a play. They threw the ball late on the ground and controlled the clock. That was the name of the game. We're going to avoid turnovers and continue to do the things that we're doing positively. We're going to correct the good plays on defense."

On playing a Pac 10 team after playing a I-AA team
"I think one of the differences in the game was that they really were tall and athletic. At times they took us out of the rhythm of our offense by tipping the ball or pressuring it. We would have to make an adjustment and we really hadn't had to do that up to this point. I don't know that we ever made an adjustment that compensated for that. That is how they play their game, they're tall and athletic guys that have an opportunity to make some plays."

On interceptions
"Each interception is different. Sometimes there was bad decisions with the trigger because the quarterback got rid of the ball before he checked the read. The other is late in the half and we try to make a play and we throw the ball up when we shouldn't have. We got in the red zone three times in the first half and came away with no points because of turnovers, and if we avoid that it is an entirely different game. When you get behind and you feel like you have to make plays so your decisions aren't quality. It is a two touchdown game and if you eliminate the turnovers, the outcome could be totally different. "

On UCLA receivers
"I didn't expect them to have that success, but I knew that they were capable receivers. They threw the ball deep more than any team I've seen. I thought their plan was pretty solid. They made plays enough to win the game. It really kept them in the game."

OSU Players

Receiver Rashaun Woods

On the receivers performance
"As receiving corp we knew they were going to be playing a lot of man. We had guys that specifically tried to press us and jam us. We knew as a corps coming in that we had to make big plays to help this team win, and that is what we tried to do."

On the interceptions
"They are very frustrating. But they are only frustrating until we get the ball back again. We come out with a whole new attitude of trying to score and that is something that you see with us. We were down but we got back up. Things didn't work out but all that we can do is keep giving a 100 percent effort."

On the return of John Lewis
"He is a great athlete. He has great speed and he can out cut you really well. This is a great way to come back from an injury and I am glad that he is back."

Receiver John Lewis

On the receiving corp
"We know that we can make plays no matter who we are playing against. We just need to try to make as many big plays as we can."

Quarterback Josh Fields

On comparing the loss to the Louisiana Tech loss
"I think that it compares a lot. I didn't feel like that I didn't do the team any justice out there. Three interceptions is not going to do the team any good."

On the team fighting back
"Our offense is very confident right now, despite the turnovers that we had. Going in late into the game we were moving the ball well and we were having a good time running the offense. We're not the lacking the confidence, we are just lacking making the play right now."

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