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UCLA-Stanford Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Sept. 11, 2010

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UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel
(opening remarks) "Very difficult night for UCLA football. Certainly, congrats in order to Stanford - they are a really good football team. Their quarterback was as advertised. He was terrific. We had him covered, and he made plays with his legs and got the first down. He made some really sensational throws, so hats off to the Cardinal. Defensively, I thought we played valiantly until we ran out of steam. We can't leave the defense on the field as much as we have. So, we've got to address what is ailing us. Certainly, we made the decision in the offseason that we needed to change the way we ran the football. The offense decided to work toward the pistol. In the first two weeks, we have been a more efficient running football team. But somewhere in that we have lost the ability to throw the football efficiently. It isn't getting done. So, we as coaches on that side of the ball have a lot of work to do to figure out how to get back to being an efficient offense. It is going to be a great challenge to get that accomplished. It will take great work on the part of everybody involved, and it is going to be very rewarding when it gets accomplished. That's easy to say, but tonight was an offensive disaster. There is no other way to say it. We've got to look ourselves in the mirror and accept that."

(on a decision to start Kevin Prince next Saturday) "We'll see. We don't like making those kinds of comments right after the game. We'll watch the game tape tomorrow before we make a decision."

(on the team's offense in scoring position) "It's more frustrating than you know. We had chances to get back in the game. A couple times we were on the brink of field goal range and we couldn't get any more yards. There were dropped passes and overthrown passes. We didn't have enough crispness in our game to merit the ability to play at this level. We've got to figure out why it's like that right now."

(on having the right personnel to run the offense) "That's worth investigating, but the run portion of the offense is working. The difficult thing right now is the throwing game - the inability to convert a third down. You can take the pistol out and run your third down offense, and we haven't been able to run that and that's frustrating because that's not new. We have to go about figuring out how to be more efficient."

(on the injury to Derrick Coleman) "You never like to see a guy down on your field, especially one of your teammates. Derrick was communicating and he was conscious. We'll wait to see what the doctors report. But, I'm hopeful that it was just a headache. He was knocked pretty hard, but he called for me before he got taken away to make sure that I knew that he would be fine."

(on his decision to speak on microphone to the crowd after the game) "First of all, the people that stayed are really loyal fans. Not to say that the ones who leave early and are frustrated and disappointed and words that are stronger than that are less than that, but the ones who stay - we started a little tradition and I wanted for them to know that I appreciate them and that we as a team feel this. We have to work with great diligence to dig our way out of this. For fans to be giving an eight clap and to do the things that great fans do at the end of a 35 to nothing game - those people deserved a pat on the back and that's what I tried to do."

(on opening the season 0-2) "We have played two games of a 12-game schedule. We have been underdogs in both games and we are 0-and-2. We were very close in last week's game at Kansas State. In this game, we were outplayed and as I said, we take our hat off to Stanford. That quarterback will be a top guy if he's fortunate enough to stay healthy. He's a great player. They have a lot of great things going for them. We played against a 3-4 front that we anticipated, but they hadn't used it for one snap. But besides that point, they are better than we are at this point. We have a lot of good young players that have to grow up and stop making silly mistakes, and we have also got to make tough decisions as coaches for who is ready to play and who isn't. Young men have to understand that that's just the consequence. You can't be on the field unless you are ready to play. That's the responsibility of everybody on the team. If people like to panic - it's a predisposition of the personality that they want to do that. I don't think that's the right choice. I think it's premature. I know it was ugly tonight, but I do believe that brighter days are ahead. I look forward to those who thought it was over when it isn't."

Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
(on the defense) "UCLA is very skilled on both sides of the ball (The defense) took it one play at a time. We got some big sacks when they were threatening our side of the field. We certainly packed the defense this week."

(on the big 3rd quarter drive) "Well, it was a very significant drive. Just a great drive. It's not easy to do. You don't see too many 20 play drives in a season."

"This win means a lot. We were exorcising our demons. This was the first time we've won here in 14 years. I'm very proud of our team's performance. The kickoff coverage to start the second half was huge. I think it was key to building momentum for the rest of the game."

Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck
"I definitely did not play my best game by any means. I think UCLA had a good defense. But a win is a win so we're happy."

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