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UCLA-Arizona State Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

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UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel
"I'd like to congratulate the Sun Devils on an unbelievably hard-fought game. The two teams out there absolutely gave everything they had, and when that happens, it doesn't always look clean. There are mistakes you wish you could correct and coach, but that happens when you're going 100 miles an hour. We just happened to be the team with one more point. We're thrilled with it, and we'll enjoy it, and then we'll go back to work. We found a formula that we need to be successful, and that's getting involved with the brass tacks of what football is all about -hard work, fundamentals, concentration, and teamwork. We've got to focus on Utah right now, but we're excited about how we fought tonight for the second time in a row. It gives us a chance to make next week's game an important one too, and it's on to that one. But I'm thrilled with the resolve that we showed."

On the team's improvement the last 2 weeks: "We're getting better, and we're making some plays. Credit to everyone - coaches and players alike. We're getting better and gaining more confidence. I can't say enough about everyone's effort."

On the Bruins' last touchdown drive: "We got the ball back, and it was a great job by our defense to get them off the field with no points. It was about five and change when we got the ball. We knew we had to be patient, and we wanted to take as much time off the clock as we could because I knew they were explosive offensively. Kevin (Prince) really understood the situation when he back-shouldered Nelson (Rosario). They came back to pressure him, and he made a huge play for us in getting the first down, and now we're back in balance and able to use as much clock as we can."

On Derrick Coleman and Johnathan Franklin: "We've got two good running backs. Johnathan had a great run called back on holding. We've got to look at why we're getting all these penalties. Unfortunately, both let the ball get away from them. ASU is something like fourth in the country in turnover margin, and they got the ball out a few times. But those guys (Coleman and Franklin) play hard and play well, and we're going to continue to ride them as long as we can."

On if this win was vindication: "It's not about vindication. I've said this - I enjoy coming to work, I enjoy the guys I coach and the staff I coach with. All I want to do is go to work and fix what's broken. We've worked hard to get things corrected. We're not perfect, but we're getting closer as a team. And we're going to fight like mad to make it four good quarters next week."

On pressuring Brock Osweiler: "We'll keep trying to mix things up. Our defense did a nice job keeping them out of their comfort zone. But Brock is a fantastic quarterback and talent. He's going to make some money playing this game someday."

On quarterback Kevin Prince: "I'm thrilled with Kevin. He's a wonderful human being. Everyone would love their daughter to marry him. He's that kind of guy. But he went through a patch where he was on and off again, and his confidence wavered. Richard came off bench and took us down the field on four of five drives, so Kevin was on the bench. I told him that you can feel sorry for yourself, and if you do, you won't be ready next time your time comes. He flat took it to heart and was ready. He came off the bench against Washington State, and he wasn't perfect, but he was valiant. He was valiant again last week. And tonight he was our guy. We're going to keep correcting things, but as a leader, he's getting closer to being our kind of guy." On the emotion in the locker room: "Young people - they enjoy it. Old people enjoy it. They break into dance, so I break into it with them. I'm embarrassed to say I have very little rhythm, but being around those kids makes you feel young again."

Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson
(on no longer controlling their own destiny for a Pac-12 South title) "It's a gut-wrenching loss for this football team. You have to give UCLA credit, but we had so many opportunities in the second half to either put it away or win it. We got two turnovers and didn't get any points. We missed a short field goal when we were up. We had a chance to put them in a tough situation because of what they do offensively. Then we had them 3rd and 29. It was just a gut-wrenching loss for our players. They played hard, but we just made too many mistakes in the second half that ended up costing us. I knew that this was going to be a difficult game coming in here. We had to play better than we did. When you look at it, in a game like this, there are so many different things that happen that could have made a difference in the game."

(on not calling timeout sooner on UCLA's last scoring drive) "It was basically my fault. I tried to call timeout, but the officials were at the other end. I finally got their attention and so it cost us 10-15 seconds. The first down that they got on 3rd and 29 kind of dumbfounded us a little bit."

(defensive breakdowns on their last drive) "We made a lot of plays defensively, but the (UCLA) kid made a good throw and a good catch."

(on field goal kicker Alex Garoutte) "It's like any kicker. They have their days. The two long ones, 48, 49 yards, are hard kicks. There is no question about that. The other one (in the fourth quarter) would have put us up by eight. But he's our kicker. We just have to continue to work and get better."

(on rebounding from a tough loss) "We always have concerns about that. It's a hard loss. They don't get any harder than that. Unfortunately I've been in a few of them. But this football team has a lot of seniors as we all know. It's a team that has battled. We'll deal with this loss tomorrow and then we have to get ready to play Washington State. That's all we can do. We can't control our own destiny now. But we can have a good year and you never know what will happen down the road."

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