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Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Sept. 20, 2008

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UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel

opening statement
"Congratulations to Arizona and to Coach Stoops. They outplayed us and deserved to win. It's a tough day, offensively. The defense tried valiantly to keep us in the game. Offensively, we can't gain any measure of consistency for the last two games. It's obviously a major concern and one we'll have to continue to address as we go forward. In talking to our team, I mentioned that there is only one way to fix things, and that's to pick up that shovel and work toward that end. There is not a quick-fix solution to this. It's about getting everybody focused and really getting involved with individual improvement that will then show collectively. I appreciate our fans for staying - it must have been hard to watch as we tried to get back into the game. We have a job to do, and we're going to get started in earnest addressing all those things starting on Tuesday."

on individual improvement
"I think we're going to evaluate all the positions. It's easy in these situations to hide behind the team. When you're the quarterback, you don't get to hide. It's easy to say that he must be the reason you're unsuccessful. Kevin (Craft) wants to, he works hard, and I hope that he can continue to work hard and continue to improve. Just like all positions on the team, we're going to evaluate them and keep working to find answers."

on postgame meeting with the team
"I don't know when you say you've turned the corner. I don't know when that is. But I know that you've got to be driving the car to turn it. You've got to keep driving and turning. I believe mightily in my staff. They have worked hard with some young players who have not gotten a great deal of experience. We've got to focus on improvement because, unfortunately, we have not seen improvement in the last two weeks."

on the problems in this game
"You get opportunities to make plays, and you've got to make them. We had a drive there in the early portion of the third quarter - second down and eight and we drop a ball, and third down and eight and we throw the ball well behind the guy. The defense was playing well, but those were plays that had to be made. That's what good football teams do. Defensively, we've done some very good things, and then we give up a big play."

on the running game
"We will continue to build on it. There was some measure of success. As the score gets away, it gets more difficult to lean on it. The answer is yes - we will continue to work on it and spend everything we can to get better running the ball."

on the team's morale
"In losing the last two games, it has gotten away from us. In the BYU game, it was early. And in this game, it was in the fourth quarter. This is where you find out your mettle. Those who stay and continue to work will be rewarded. This is what you do in life when you get dealt a tough card. You face it and you keep moving. Don't hide and make excuses, just throw up your sleeves and get the work done."

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops

"I thought it was a really solid win all across the board. I thought our coverage in the secondary was excellent. The fumble for seven was disappointing, but it was good to see our team overcome that on the road. Mike Thomas and Rob Gronkowski really came up big with some plays in the second half. I thought Willie (Tuitama) threw some excellent balls in the red zone. We just played very well as a team, and that was positive to see."

on if this was a must-win game
"I've had a lot of must-win games. We knew it was a good matchup for us. We got UCLA at a good time. We will enjoy this, but we will move forward to the next game."

on UCLA's offense
"They are young. Some of that is inexperience. It takes time to develop. They are fighting through growing pains, but they have good recruits. Rick will get them in the right direction. His coaching speaks for itself."

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