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UCLA-USC Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Nov. 17, 2012

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UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora

Opening statement
I tip my hat to USC. They did a nice job. They came in here and played hard. I'm really proud of our team. I'm especially happy for our seniors that finally got a chance to win their last one against USC. It was a hard-fought game, a lot of back and forth. We knew it would be like that. When we got up, we knew they wouldn't go away easy. I'm really proud of our team and excited.

On former UCLA head coach Terry Donahue, who will have the Rose Bowl press box named in his honor (Terry Donahue Pavilion) next year
Terry Donahue had an unbelievable career. I've known him since I was a little boy. My dad coached with him and there couldn't be anybody who is more worthy of that honor. It will remind everyone when they come into this place that this is UCLA's home.

On having concerns going into the second half after leading by only 10
Yeah. I was concerned the entire game until the last play. Matt Barkley is a great player, they have great receivers. Lane Kiffin is a terrific play-caller. They're going to score some points, they're going to make some plays and get some yards. But we were able to come up with some plays when we needed to come up with them, and that was the key today.

Whether he was surprised USC stayed in the zone as long as they did
Brett (Hundley) made some good plays and Joe (Fauria) ran some good routes. He did a good job of mixing man and zone. Monte Kiffin is one of the great defensive minds to have coached this game. He knows how to mix it up. Our guys just made some plays. We protected well and made some tough catches.

On what this win means to him and the program
It means a lot. Number one, to our kids, who are in there celebrating right now. You can feel the emotion. Number two, I think it means a lot to our university, our student body and our alumni. Other than that, it means we are 9-2 and playing Stanford next week.

On the play of senior cornerbacks Aaron Hester and Sheldon Price
Matt (Barkley) I'm sure would like that first throw back. We played a two-deep zone and he kind of tried to stuff it in there and Hester made the catch. And for Sheldon at the end to block that thing, it was great. I was really proud of those guys. They are much maligned. We had more pass interference calls today, but we'll get that fixed. I'm just happy for all the seniors. It's a great day.

The maturation of Brett Hundley
There were some plays there where the rush got to him. USC has a really nice pass rush, and against our young offensive line they did some great things. I thought Brett when he needed to really hung in there, kept his eyes down the field and made some money throws. Some hard, critical throws at important times of the game. We are just seeing the beginning of how great Brett Hundley can be. It's going to take a lot of work, but he is a young man who is willing to work. He's got great coaching. His teammates love him, he's a tremendous leader and I think 11 games into his career, we are going to see tremendous things out of this kid.

On the UCLA-USC rivalry
I understand what this rivalry is about. I was on the field at the Coliseum when I just turned 13. My mom went to USC. I understand what this whole thing is about. But it's just one game. Until we can string some together and do it over and over again, then it has significance to me. Don't get me wrong, this has significance. Real significance.

On the interception on the first play of the game
That was huge. When you kickoff to a team like USC on that first drive, you are hopeful you can get a three and out at least. You are hopeful they don't take the ball and run it right down your throat and ruin all that emotion you came out of the tunnel with. But to be able to get that interception and convert it into points was big. It gives them confidence. It gives them a boost. It gives them confidence in the plan and confidence in themselves. It makes them believe they can play with these guys. It was a big play, but you have to keep backing it up with more plays and we were able to do that today.

On throwing after USC cut the lead to three in the fourth quarter
That's just how we play football. What we do best is tempo. Get up on the ball and go, and we aren't going to change. That's just our philosophy. We were trying to waste time, but we weren't going to go into a shell. That's not the way you do it. That's not how you win games like this. That's a great credit to Noel (Mazzone). He just keeps slinging it.

On the message at halftime
The message at halftime was the same as it has always been. We have to play one play at a time. We just have to keep grinding. Once you run a play, put it in the rear-view mirror and run the next play. We didn't really change our philosophy at all. Nobody was second guessing what we were doing. We just have a belief that if we trust each other, trust the plan and go out and execute, then good things will happen and they did.

On the seniors
This is a big, big win for them. Feeling the emotion coming off of them. It's one they will remember forever. To be a part of that with them is very special to me. It's a great feeling. I'm so happy for those guys.

On keeping with the one game at a time theme
Our players have adopted the same philosophy that we have presented to them. They take it one day at a time and one game at a time. It hasn't seemed any harder. We are going to have to get over this one quick though. We have 24 hours and then we have to get on to Stanford. We've talked about that already, but I certainly want them to enjoy it.

UCLA Quarterback Brett Hundley

I told the seniors that I would not let them go without (beating USC), and I'm going to give them my best effort to get it. I couldn't let them leave without feeling the emotions of beating Southern Cal. It is huge for them. I play for them, I play for this team, but the seniors went through a lot, a lot of coaching changes, and this is the year that they get to show it and do the things that they have always want to do. Be part of a winning team, a championship program and all that they came here to do, and now we are able to do it.

UCLA Running Back Johnathan Franklin

It was great to finally beat our rivals and clinch the South division. It was a big game. My senior year, to go out like this, and being blessed to have a good game ... I am just happy for the seniors. Those guys have been through so much and have busted their tails. I'm just excited.

UCLA Linebacker Anthony Barr

It meant a lot. I think most of the seniors have not beaten this team since they have been here. That was kind of the goal, not to beat this team, but to get to the Pac-12 Championships. We took another step toward our goal.

UCLA Wide Receiver Shaquelle Evans

The main thing that I am happy for is the seniors that have been going through hard times these last four or five years losing to these guys. I am just happy for Jet (Franklin) and all the seniors. For the program, this is a huge win for recruiting and things like that, but we know that we still have work to do. We can do something that UCLA has never done, and that's win 11 games. We know that we still have two more games to play before the bowl game, and we are going to take care of those.

On what it meant to win in front of the home fans at the Rose Bowl
It meant everything. It showed them that this is not the same team from years past. We are here to win games, work hard and give them something fun to watch.

UCLA Safety Tevin McDonald

It was huge for us to get a win for the seniors. Nobody wants to go their whole collegiate career without beating one team, especially when it is our rival team 'SC. You never want to go a whole career and never beat them. So for our seniors to be able to rally together, and they knew how to manage the fourth quarter, finish the game. They knew how to approach it, and they really led us.

On the fans
They were great at our bonfire on Thursday. We let them know that they were playing a huge role in the game and needed to be loud on first and third down to really make it tough for 'SC. It was a surreal feeling because it felt like there were 200,000 in it.

USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin

Opening Statement
Obviously a lot of credit goes to Jim and his staff. His players played great today and the quarterback played awesome. He didn't make any mistakes and did a really good job. A lot of that falls on me. It's tough to go down like that early. There was something wrong in how we had our guys ready to play. We dug ourselves a hole and came back out of it. But we couldn't come all the way back."

On whether guys were tight coming into today
I don't think they were tight. I was actually worried that we'd be the other way around because of last year's game; being too confident and too loose. So I don't think they were tight.

On UCLA's fast start
Like I said, great job to them. The quarterback made a number of great throws in that run that they had there. You have to give a lot of credit to him. It's not easy to do in a game like that.

On why USC has fallen short of expectations this season
I don't know that exactly. I think the number one glaring thing in our losses has been turnovers. We haven't gotten many and we've had way too many. Somehow in the last two games we've had a turnover on the first play and last week the first play of the second half was a turnover. We're killing momentum with those things and our defense going back out after one play, that would be the number one thing I would point to. I would point to, in the season in general, in our losses, penalties and turnovers. For the most part, we got the penalty thing fixed over the last three weeks. Unfortunately we had too many turnovers today.

On the mistakes coming with a senior quarterback
You wouldn't think we would lose this game with a senior quarterback versus a freshman. But then again, when you turn the ball over like we did and get a couple of kicks blocked, those are the things that take them out of the game.

On if there was a point he thought they were going to win this game
I totally thought we were going to win that game. I thought even when we were down extra early, I felt it was going to be like the Notre Dame-USC game from years ago. I think that was 24-0. I really felt like there was a big turn where we had moved down there, it was maybe a four-point lead and we were ready to take the lead. We got a pass interference that moves us back, then another penalty and then missed a kick, and we lost a lot of momentum there.

On whether UCLA is a better team than USC
I can't argue that. When lose the game, you can't argue that. That's why they play the games. So congrats to them. Obviously we're not thrilled about it, but we're going to get it fixed.

On if he's concerned about the team's ability to get ready for Notre Dame
Sure. But that's what our job is. We've got a lot of work to do as coaches. It's not an easy one to take, not an easy one to swallow. It's crushing. Even though we screwed some things up, win this one and win next the one, we should end with a good feeling in the regular season.

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