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UCLA vs. Texas Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Sept. 17, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Texas 49, UCLA 20
September 17, 2011

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel

opening remarks
"I'd like to congratulate the University of Texas. They played terrific. Unfortunately, in this kind of game, and in that kind of atmosphere, you can't make the kind of mistakes we did. It was disappointing to make mistakes early and to not be able to stop their running game. Once we settled down and started moving the ball, we did it with some measure of success. We can be better. We need to be better. As I told the team, we can't look around and wonder what others can do, but what we can do. We need to get ready for conference season which begins next week in Corvallis."

on UCLA's quarterback situation
"I thought Richard [Brehaut] played well. I'm anxious to look at the tape. He settled the offense down. He has surged to the lead, no question."

on UCLA's defense and tackling
"We are going to talk about everything we can talk about with respect to how to practice so that we can be a more stringent run defense. We've got to get guys down on the ground. We're in position to make plays. You've got a play with Sheldon Price, where the ball bounces off his hands and it goes first and goal [for Texas]. We had five guys with a chance to [sack Texas' quarterback] make it. It looks like he's going to overthrow the ball, and they make the play. Give credit where credit is due. Our conference season has yet to begin. We're excited about having the chance to right the ship before we get to Corvallis next weekend."

on the decision to start quarterback Kevin Prince
"Well, in this offense, Kevin [Prince] is a faster, more mobile runner. He gives us, in essence, another running back in the game. He played very well in training camp after a slow start. He was three-for-three in the first game before getting nicked up. I felt like we could run the ball. Last year, we beat Texas throwing, I think, nine passes. I thought we could run and control the ball. Unfortunately, we threw three interceptions in the first quarter. It's disappointing. We will try and grow from it and work to be better the next time out."

on being surprised by today's result for Kevin Prince
"I've been around too long to be stunned. I'm disappointed. I'm his coach. I saw him prepare. For whatever reason, we missed that first throw. I don't think there was a reason to miss it. The second ball, there was pressure, but I think he had somebody and the ball got tipped. The third ball was just a poor throw. In so being, it's time to make a change. Especially when you've got a guy as experienced as Richard [Brehaut] is. We got back into the game. We came back into the second half and tried to get into the game in two different drives. We just weren't able to stop them. When the game is a little lopsided like that, you cannot be as patient with your game. We believe we still have the makings of a good team. We have enough character in the program to be a good team. There's enough gumption among the coaches to provide the framework to get that done."

on the crowd of 54,583
"It's been my experience that when you win and get going, the crowd will come. I know there are folks out there that are disappointed in our lack of success. A number of people are on that wait-and-see deal. I don't necessarily blame those people. I just want to thank those who come on a regular basis. I want to reward them with the success of what I think this program can be. We still believe there is reason for optimism."

on the pressure to win
"I feel like there's pressure on us to be at our best all the time. I don't look at that pressure as a negative. It drives anybody in the competition business. This is our chance to prove all these naysayers wrong. It's our chance to put something special together. We have to go back to work and see if we can get it done. I'm not pessimistic. I'm still relentlessly optimistic."

on penalties and other miscues
"When you're playing efficiently and playing well, those things don't show up as often. I'm disappointed in the line of scrimmage penalties. Those are absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to make sure that gets corrected this week. We have to do the little things right. It's a little-thing business. We are going to back to doing some fundamental things. We have to understand the value of those fundamentals."

on third-down conversions
"We need to be more efficient on third down. I'm not as quick to judge the character of my team as maybe some of you are. I'm going to believe in these guys."

on adjustments on defense
"We've got a new coach as the defensive coordinator. We're trying to find our footing. We need to find out exactly what's missing from keeping us as a stout run defense. We practice tackling, but we can certainly address that again. We'll see if that is something that we have to do more of."

on pressuring Texas' young quarterbacks
"It wasn't good enough. Generally speaking, we have to play better defense. Every defensive coach would agree with that, including Joe [Tresey]. As for why there wasn't pressure, I can't tell you that. I coach on the other side of the ball. I am responsible for the defense, and I trust those coaches will do the right thing at the right place and time. We're not finishing the job. Whether it be tackling in the flats at Houston, or in the backfields against Texas or San Jose State, in terms of the contain issues that happened that day. We've got to batten down the hatches and get it done."

Texas head coach Mack Brown
opening statement
"I'm really proud of the win, to beat a team like them who beat us really good last year in the second half. They forced a turnover on the punt return and we got it right back, which is good. UCLA didn't quit. They kept fighting. They outplayed us in the kicking game, which we need to get better at, but all around I'm pleased."

on quarterback Case McCoy
"He did a good job on numerous plays. He scared me a little bit on that play at the goal line, but he scrambled out of it and made the play time and time again. I thought he played well for his first start. He's played better in games than he has in practices. I didn't know how much time each quarterback would earn, but Case had a great day today."

on the young guys
"Older kids have been like big brothers to the older kids. They've been taking them under their wing. The time zone set us off a little and also not being in the comfort of 100,000 fans cheering for you. But our older kids have been great."

on the schedule
"Not a lot of people thought we'd be 3-0 at this point. We played a tough non-conference schedule, but the 3-0 start is a statement of improvement. Now we'll have 7-10 days to get ready for Iowa State, which is good because we aren't nearly as good as we need to be."

on Malcolm Brown
"I didn't know after the Rice game if he was for real or not, but after today and the BYU game we know."

on the secondary
"The UCLA quarterbacks made great throws, but our guys hung in there and made the plays that they needed to at the end."

on the true freshmen
"This is probably the biggest role any group of freshmen has had to play at my time at the University of Texas. The old guys have been great encouraging the young guys. Team chemistry is really good right now and I think this team is all about winning and nothing else."

on the win
"It's a huge win for us. We are going to enjoy this one. We are going to study the video and look at it closely and get ready for Iowa State. We started out slow and had question marks against BYU, but we played well except for the kicking game."


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