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Postgame Quotes - Stanford 35, UCLA 17
By: UCLA Athletics

Nov. 24, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
Stanford 35, UCLA 17
November 24, 2012

UCLA head coach Jim Mora

opening statement
"Congratulations to Stanford. They played a heck of a game, and they're a heck of a football team. We have some things that we have to do to get better by Friday night. We will get right back to work."

on not playing as hard as they could have
"We are competitors and those guys in there don't spend all that time preparing for a game, with the sacrifices they make, to not try their best every opportunity they get. They tried their best to win. It didn't matter. We wanted to win this game today. We came up short. To insinuate that our players didn't give their best effort - I've never, nor did I ever do that."

on difference in preparation from the week prior to the UCLA-USC game
"We're pretty consistent in our approach this week. I didn't see a whole lot of difference in our preparation and in our approach before the game. We did not play as well as we can."

on Stanford's strengths
"They're very physical. They're big. They have the same offense and same defense and they have been doing this for a long time. They have not had a lot of turnovers in their coaches. Yes, they lost Coach Harbaugh, but they kept Coach Shaw. They get off blocks well, they block well, and they are a very physical football team."

on making improvements toward next Friday's game
"Once I look at the film, I can better answer that question for you. There is a lot to learn. I'm not going to get into too many specifics. But I don't want to give away what we need to do in order to improve."

on holding back, with regard to playcalling
"No. If we were holding something back, we wouldn't have had our starters in there at the end. I wouldn't have used timeouts with 6:30 left in the game. We are trying to create a culture about winning. The only way to win is you go for it every time that you step on the field. If you didn't do that, then you cheat everybody - you cheat your alumni, your fans, your students who come watch you each Saturday, and everybody who is supporting you."

on having ever played the same team twice in six days during his career
"I don't know that I make that assumption. I've been coaching over 600 games, but there might be something in there somewhere."

on facing Oregon or Stanford to advance to the Rose Bowl
"Is that a question or a statement? I haven't thought about it. What I've thought about was playing and beating Stanford. The universe dropped off after the Stanford game. That's all we wanted to do."

on UCLA's penalties
"Too many penalties. Some were aggressive, some were a lack of focus, some were not being technically sound. It was not anything specific. Yes, it's disappointing but we have got to get over it quickly because we have a game on Friday night."

on quarterback Brett Hundley
"Brett was under a lot of pressure tonight, so we have to do a better job of finding a way to protect Brett. I think that it's a combination - pressuring with four and then they brought five and six. And sometimes we did not get open. Sometimes he didn't find the open guy. Sometimes they beat us. I think it was a combination of all those things."

on decisions to punt the football
"When Brett [Hundley] punted it, it was a little too far to go for it. The second one, we did not want to give them great field position. We had played better at that point on defense. Jeff has been better at pinning them down there."

on playing without Damien Thigpen
"It's tough when you have a turnover on special teams. There is a high correlation to winning or losing, when you have a turnover for a touchdown. We have to do a better job on our returns and of securing the football."

on penalties, dropped passes and other mistakes
"You hate to have that happen in a big game like this. I can't exactly tell you why right now. We've got to look at the film and think about how we approach this thing. Was there something that was off a little bit? We've got to get it corrected."

on playing another physical game next Friday
"I think it's important that since we are a day short in preparation, when you say get over it quick - that implies forgetting about it. We want to learn from it. We want to get over the disappointment of a loss quickly. We need to get over the disappointment of a loss."

Stanford head coach David Shaw

on next week's Pac-12 Championship game
"I expect them [UCLA] to give us everything. I expect this to be a tough, physical game. It's going to be hard. It's going to be 10 times harder than this game was. We're going to get their best shot. We have to approach this thing like a completely different game. I love our senior leadership, and it's going to be huge this week because we have to fight complacency. These guys are not going to lie down. They're going to come to Stanford and give us their best shot, and we've got to be ready for it."

on running back Stepfan Taylor
"Some other guys in other places get more publicity, and it's a shame honestly that he's not on the Doak Walker list. I think that's kind of ridiculous. He's as good as anybody in the country. He may not be as flashy as other people, but you hand him the ball and he's special with the ball. He reads blocks, he's quick, he's explosive and he can finish runs like he did twice today. He's special and I think more and more people are trying to recognize it."

on quarterback Brett Hundley
"He's so athletic and gets out of trouble because he's so slippery. He got that big run that really hurt and then there were a couple of times that we had him sacked and he got out of it. They have some dangerous weapons and if you give him too much time he's going to find them. He found a few tonight and we've got to make sure we try and bottle him up again in six days."

on Stanford's offense
"I think we're doing well. We are who we are, and we need to make sure that we're diverse enough and doing enough things. I go all the way back to spring football. This is the way we were going to play this year - physical defense, tough defense to run on, hopefully an opportunistic secondary, big, physical offensive line, a great fullback, great tight ends, a great running back and grooming another quarterback. That can't change until we're ready to change that. We're going to play our style of football and we'll take enough calculated risks and calculated shots down the field as we do in every game. But for the most part we're going to run the ball, use our athletic quarterback and play great defense."

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