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UCLA-Kansas State Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Sept. 19, 2009

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UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel
(opening statement) "Congratulations to Kansas State. That was exactly as I predicted. I knew Bill Snyder would have his team ready and eager. This game scared me as much as any game in my career because of the excitement after the Tennessee win and the backslapping happening on campus. It was difficult to focus on the next week. The coaches were pleading with the players to get it done and work their tails off, and we also had other things going on in the program that were distractions, but at end of day, we found another way to win that will serve us well down the road. As the fourth quarter started, we can't sit and hope we win; we have got to find a way to win. We did that on both sides of the ball. I'm also pleased for Kevin Craft. He had taken a lot of abuse, none intended to be malicious, but when you don't do as well as you hope at a position that is as much of a focal point as quarterback, it's a tough thing to swallow, especially as the son of a football coach. For him to respond and make as many plays as he did tonight, it was a treat for me. Richard Brehaut did a great job in practice this week also. We've got a lot to fix in the bye week. It will be a training camp type of atmosphere. Over the course of next week, we'll have Sunday and Monday off, but we'll get to a discipline that this program needs so that we can expect to keep achieving as we go forward. I'm very pleased to be 3-0, which we haven't been since 2005. It's a fun place to be, but we have to keep going."

(On if he thinks this game is redemption for Kevin Craft): "I do; he won't admit that. If you ask him, he'll say he just played a game. One thing about Kevin Craft is that he never lost confidence in himself. He knew he could do it. He has been a great teammate to Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut, and he just wants to help UCLA win. His way to do that was to go out and play like the way he did before."

(On penalties): In the first game, we had four or five. Last week we were penalized heavily, but as I looked at tape I could understand what was going on. I didn't see a lot of stupid ones except the one where we jumped offsides. Tonight it was just the urgency to keep things going. We have to fix that. This is the perfect time to do that in the bye week. We're lucky to get to do that without having an L on ledger."

(On UCLA's offensive line): "I think the O-Line is on the come. They were able to move the ball on the opening drive - that was a thing of beauty. As a starting point, to be able to protect the way we did and establish a line of scrimmage that allows our running backs to get going is encouraging.

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder
"Once again we failed to take advantage of opportunities that presented themselves. Carson (Coffman) did some good things tonight but he made a lot of mistakes as well."

(On UCLA's defense): "I thought they held their own. UCLA has an excellent defense. They have NFL type interior lineman."

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