UCLA Softball Camper Day

All UCLA Softball sports campers are invited to receive THREE FREE ADMISSIONS to the following game:

UCLA vs. Oregon State
Saturday, May 2 - 3:00pm
Easton Stadium, UCLA Campus

Simply complete the online registration below and a confirmation will be sent to you shortly after. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE TICKETS TO THIS EVENT. Instead, your reservation will be on a gate list held at the main entrance of Easton Stadium under the camper's name. Please let the gate attendant know you are on the UCLA CAMPER Gate List.

Seating is limited for UCLA Softball sports camper day and early registration is suggested. All seats held for sports camper day participants will be held up to 15 minutes prior to the first pitch at which time they will be released to the general public for purchase.

Please note, due to NCAA regulations, all high school-aged students' full names must be entered below to receive free admission.

Additional friends and family members can purchase tickets at a rate of $7 for adults and $5 for youth (16 years and younger) by calling (310) UCLA-WIN. Groups tickets (15 or more people) are also available for $5 by calling our (310) 206-5991.

1. Please list the full name of each individual attending

UCLA Camper

Guest One

Guest Two

2. Contact Information

Parent Name

Mailing Address