UCLA Basketball Student Entry Process

UCLA Basketball Campout Dates
UCLA will hold campouts for select games. The following dates are scheduled camp out dates:

  • 1/29 vs. Utah
  • 3/1 vs. Washington State (Pauley Lock-In)
  • 3/4 vs. USC

Basic Campout Info

Camping out is a time honored tradition here at UCLA. Before we get into how much fun you can have camping out, let’s go over the basics.

What: Campout

Who: UCLA Students that have purchased a Den Sports Pass

Why: To receive a priority number that allows access into the Lower Level Seating

Where: South Pauley Pavilion, along the wall to Spaulding Field

When: Anytime between 9am the day before the game through 6:30am on game day

Campout can begin as early as 9am the day before the game, but it does not need to start at that time. Campout truly begins when the first camper reports to South Pauley and writes their name on the sign in sheet.

Basic Information
Rally Committee and The DEN oversee the camp out process. Priority Numbers are only valid for Den Season Ticket holders.

Each Number is valid for the game, date and time indicated on the number. A student’s Number may be considered invalid if (s)he is not at Northwest Pauley Pavilion 75 minutes prior to game time, OR if (s)he is not in the correct place in line when doors open. Doors open to the first individual in line (Number #1) 60 minutes prior to game time.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Rally Committee at rallycommboard@gmail.com or The DEN at uclatheDEN@gmail.com.

During the Campout
An official campout sign-up list will be posted by The DEN at the Southwest Corner of Pauley the day before every game. You are allowed to sign up with one partner – if you do, write both names in the same row.

Once you sign in, either you or your partner must be present at South Pauley (or excused) at ALL times. The DEN will conduct random roll calls. If at any time the DEN line monitor finds you and your partner absent, both names will be crossed off the list.

You may be excused for a bathroom break of 10 minutes. However, you MUST notify the line monitor when you leave and when you return to be considered excused.

Over the course of the day and evening you and your partner may switch off being present at the camp out. This process allows students to leave for class and extracurricular activities as long as they find a partner who can be there when they cannot. One of you is expected to sleep outside until morning pass out.

Tents & Set Up: Students with tents must place those against the north Spaulding Field fence line. Students can set-up sleeping bags but no tents along the South side of Pauley Pavilion. There must be an 8 foot path down the middle of the walkway. That means students have 7 feet to set up items along the Pauley side and 10 feet to set up items on the Spaulding side.

Power: There are electrical outlets along the Spaulding field side of the walkway. Power plugs can be used on that fence line but cords cannot be pulled across the walkway to the Pauley side.

Restrooms: Restrooms will be open at the Los Angeles Tennis Center.

Prohibited items: TV’s over 40”, open flames, BBQ’s, candles and space heaters will not be allowed. Alcohol will not be permitted.

What to Do at Campouts
Now that you know the rules, it’s time to brainstorm what you can do at campouts. You are not required to stay in line, instead you can move around within the campsite however you please. Do homework, watch movies, eat food, play video games or board games, make signs, or sleep! I’m sure we’ve forgotten some activities but this should keep you occupied for a bit!

Morning Pass Out
At 6:30am the morning of the game, Rally Committee will give out Numbers in order of who signed up. One partner must be present at that time to claim the Number(s). After those present from the list have been served, remaining Numbers are given out on a first come, first served basis until 7:00am.

In order to receive a Number, you must present your UCLA Bruin Card. If you are getting a number for you and your partner, both names must be on the same line of the sign in sheet and you must have both Bruin Cards. Each Bruin Card will be swiped to confirm that both students have the Den Sports Pass and only have one priority number.

If you have a priority number, you do not need to get into a digital line through Lineapple.

Make sure to clean up after yourself in the morning. Keep our gorgeous Pauley Pavilion and its surrounding area looking as beautiful as ever.

Note: Only the official sign-up list will be accepted. If the official list is gone or destroyed by the time Rally Committee arrives, Rally Committee and The DEN will distribute Numbers at their discretion.

Lineapple Basic Information
For conference games this season, UCLA will use Lineapple, a mobile app that helps digitally queue lines.

The basics are fairly simple - for all games aside from the campout ones (Utah, Washington State and USC) students can log into their phone and digitally sign up to be one of the first students inside The DEN for UCLA Basketball. For games in which there will be a campout, the students that camped will receive a physical priority pass and do not need to use Lineapple. For students that did not camp, they can get in line through Lineapple to simply guarantee themselves a seat in the student section.

You do not need to use Lineapple to enter the game, however it is a great way to ensure that you can get into the game.

Students can select which line they would like to get into based on the arrival time stated in the line name. The earlier arrival time, the better the general seat location you will have.

Lineapple Line Info (for all Games Except Utah, Washington St and USC*)

Line #    Arrive By Time    Line Up Location   
Line 1 75 minutes before tipoff  Northwest Pauley
Line 2 55 minutes before tipoffWest Pauley
Line 3 15 minutes before tipoffBruin Walk, next to Acosta

Please read through the other tabs for more information on using Lineapple.

* For Utah, Washington State and USC there will be campouts outside of Pauley Pavilion. There will still be Lineapple for those games, but they will enter after those who camped out. Lineapple lines will open at 10am, like all other games on camp out dates.

How to Get in Line on Your Phone

1. Download "Lineapple" on your smart phone.

app store
google play

2. Create an account.
Please note, you cannot use special characters in your username or password. Passwords also cannot start with a number.

3. Starting at 10am on gameday, check into a line.
Make sure your location services are on for the app. You must be located within 20 miles of campus to access the line. You can search for lines by location or by name. Search "vs (opponent's name)" and the line will appear on your screen.

If you cannot see a line, that means it is at capacity.

4. Choose which line you would like to get into.
There are three lines and each has different "Arrive by" times. Select the line that works best for your schedule. If you do not arrive by your "Arrive By" time, you will lose your priority.

5. To get in a line, use your UID as the access key.
All Den pass holder UID's will be uploaded to the line.

How to Physically Get in Line before Gametime

The name of the line you are in has your arrive by time. Your phone will also "be called" 25 minutes before you are supposed to arrive, as a reminder. You may arrive before your arrive by time and get in your respective area line if you'd like to be in the front of your group. The arrive by time is simply the last time you can show up and use your priority.

Lineapple Line Info (for all Games Except Utah, Washington St and USC*)
Line #    Arrive By Time    Line Up Location   
Line 1 75 minutes before tipoff  Northwest Pauley
Line 2 55 minutes before tipoffWest Pauley
Line 3 15 minutes before tipoffBruin Walk, next to Acosta

Entering the Game
When you arrive to your line area as depicted in the map below, go to the end of the line. For the easiest entry possible, please have your phone out and open to the Lineapple app once you enter the stanchion area right outside of the Northwest Entrance.

Once the doors are open, members of the UCLA Rally Committee will check you off through Lineapple right before you enter the stadium. This is done to ensure no cutting will occur with students that are not in the Lineapple line.

If you do not have your phone, you can still be checked off for the game, but there will be a delay for you to enter the stadium.

Lineapple Line Map

I am bringing a guest to the game. How do they get into Lineapple?
If you are bringing a guest, please get in Line 3 for yourself on the app. In order to purchase a guest ticket, you will need to wait in line at the Pauley Box Office. Once you have received the guest ticket, you and your guest can proceed to Line 3. The guest does not need to get in line on the app, the ticket in his/her hand just needs to be shown at the door.

When I click on the line, it doesn't let me join. How do I get in line?
First, you will need to make sure you enter the access key, which is your Student UID. Only UID's of Den pass holders are in the system, so you must have a Den pass to get in line. Priority seating is one of the benefits of having a Den pass. Also, if you have exited the line more than once, it will no longer let you join that same line.

When I try to find a line, nothing shows up. Why can't I see the line on the app?
Most likely you cannot see the line for one of three reasons. 1) Your locations services are turned off for Lineapple. 2) You are more than 20 miles away from campus. Try turning them on or getting closer to campus. 3) The line is at capacity. If there is no space available in the line, it will not show up as an option. If you really want to be in the line, you can be manually added by name by contacting UCLA Rally Committee at rallycommboard@gmail.com or by sending them a message on Facebook or Twitter (@uclarallycomm).

I used the app before and there was a get in line with friends option. Why is there no friends option any more?
During our testing trial, we found the most complications arose from the friends functionality. So instead, we have opted to forgo that option. If you would like to sit with your friends, simply get in the same line on the app and arrive together.

Your question still not answered? Please email rallycommboard@gmail or click here to submit your questions.