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Bruin setter Tammy Jackson will submit a weekly web diary for the remainder of the 2005 UCLA women's volleyball season. The junior from Poway, Calif., played a critical role in UCLA's 2004 season, stepping in for three matches in mid-October. Jackson will provide weekly insight into the Bruins season with this web journal.

Nov. 17, 2005

This past weekend was intense. After a solid win over WSU, we had our most exciting performance of the season against Washington. After 5 hard fought games, we came out on top winning 15-13, upsetting the undefeated Huskies. The win was overwhelming, but adding to the joy was the knowledge that we had given our coach such a memorable match for his 1,000th career win.

Shortly after we slapped hands with the other team, some girls grabbed the Gatorade cooler (as we had been planning to do all day if things went our way!) and poured it out over Andy's head. The attendance at the match wasn't our largest, but the fans were louder than ever and must have enjoyed the thrilling games. The Men's Volley team was there as always, going nuts and jumping up and down after every kill. Alumni from last year, who remember well the 5 game loss we suffered against the Huskies last year to keep us from advancing to the final four were probably the most satisfied viewers. The women's basketball team was also awesome as always, they are definitely our most enthusiastic supporters. After the match we celebrated with dinner at Palomino's to congratulate Andy on his huge accomplishment!

Tomorrow we leave for the Arizona schools. Hopefully this weekend we will be successful in meeting our goal of going 2-0 on the road. We're trying to remain focused on putting all the elements -- fundamentals, conditioning, mental stability -- that we've worked on this year together so that we can peak at the right time. So far, we are all feeling good about the progress we are making and excited for the opportunities we have over the next two weekends to show everyone the strides we've taken. Until next time…