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Postgame Quotes (NCAA Los Angeles Regional Game 2)
By: UCLA Athletics

May 31, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

May 31, 2013
GAME TWO: #1 UCLA 5, #4 San Diego State 3

UCLA Head Coach John Savage

Opening Statement:
"That was a tough game. Game one of a Regional, you would expect them to compete. They're a hot team, they played very well in the Mountain West Conference Tournament and continued that type of play tonight. They gave Adam (Plutko) everything he could handle - a lot of good at-bats, they had some hard contact, made some plays. Then Adam kind settled down and started making more pitches. We had some good bats tonight. Our bats were better, and we had six two-strike hits, which is something that we've lacked. It was somewhat of a typical Bruin win, but offensively you saw what we're capable of. Hopefully that's a good start to weekend. It's only game one; it doesn't mean that much. Obviously, you're in the winner's bracket, but it's a four-team race, and it's still wide-open. It was a good win, but I think San Diego State certainly played well."

On how Adam Plutko compares to other Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer:
"Certainly, if you look at the whole body of work and history, he's right up there with those guys. Maybe not in terms of pure stuff, big stuff, but all you've got to do is look at the major leagues; there are a bunch of guys who make a living making pitches. He's had one of best careers of any Bruin that's ever pitched here, and he's really one of the better postseason pitchers in school history. I'm very proud of Adam. His career is long from being over."

On the breaks UCLA had in the pivotal 4th inning:
"It's baseball. We hit some balls hard, and they went right to them. And so did they. A ball off the bag, it's a squibber. That's bad luck for them certainly. And then I thought Shane hit the ball hard to short, and I thought Pat hit the ball hard to first. That's all you can do - try to hit the ball hard, and hopefully you can beat an infielder, or maybe get a ball by an infielder. It happens every night in baseball. We were fortunate. You gotta be lucky at times, and certainly in that inning there were a few balls that we were pretty fortunate (to get)."

On if Cal Poly's lack of experience gives UCLA an advantage:
"They're very well-coached. Coach Lee does a great job. I respect Cal Poly as much as anybody in the state of California and certainly on the West coast. They do such a great job. I know that program well. Experience is great, it shows throughout the game, but talent, good preparation and good coaching are all big factors right now, of course. Like I said, this tournament is far from being over. We know cal poly is going to be good. They're one of better offensive teams out there. If you talk to anyone in the Big West, I think they'd have to agree.

UCLA Pitcher Adam Plutko

"I felt good in the start, and then I'm not really sure what happened in middle. It definitely wasn't my best out there, but I grinded. Coach said earlier that in the sixth and the seventh (innings), that's where my experience came in, and I think that's true. I think my experience showed in 6th and 7th inning."

On setting the school record for postseason wins:
"It means a lot. When you first commit to a program like UCLA, you just hope that you can live up to your expectations. For me to set the record with all the other great pitchers, to even be talked about in same sentence with Trevor Bauer and every single record he owns here, it's unbelievable. I'm just glad that I could fulfill the expectations."

On what he picked up from Trevor Bauer and Geritt Cole when he got to UCLA:
"They handled the spotlight. First and third overall pick, you're going to have the spotlight all year long. That was the biggest thing, I think. I think that was the thing I learned most - how to be known and how to be effective at the same time."

UCLA First Baseman Pat Gallagher

On his approach in the fourth inning:
"My approach really was just to put something hard in the air just to get a sacrifice fly. But when it gets down to two strikes you just try to battle and trust the next guy that if I don't get it done, Brenton comes up and gets the job done. But just battling and putting a good swing on it is really the key to that situation. Just try to create something. I really didn't notice where he was playing me; I just noticed they were throwing in on me a lot. So I was just trying to get the barrel on the ball."

On if the team's confidence is growing as an offense:
"I think definitely it's growing as an offense. I think we're starting to get in the mode of trusting the guy behind us more and letting that affect our at-bats. We just try to hit ball hard, try to give the team a quality at-bat rather than try to win it all in one swing - using that approach. That's been a big part of our turnaround in the second half."

San Diego State Head Coach Tony Gwynn

Opening Statement:
"Felt my guys hung in there pretty good tonight. We made some mistakes early. Had some opportunities, we didn't cash them in, but I thought we swung the bats well enough. Defensively, I think we have to tighten that up a little bit, but you know, got to give UCLA credit--they did a good job moving the ball around, got some big hits. We just didn't do enough offensively. Tomorrow's another day. We'll come back tomorrow."

On what they have to do tomorrow to turn things around:
"Well, we got to play better. We made a base-running mistake in the second inning, second and third, one out. Then a runner got picked off. We had a man on third, less than two outs, didn't score and in this kind of setting, you got to cash in those opportunities and when you don't, for me, I just felt like, I was hoping that wasn't going to hurt us. I was hoping we were going to get an opportunity to put some more runs on the board, but we really didn't until late. When you get opportunities, you got to cash them in."

On facing San Diego:
"Well it's survival now. We would've loved to play each other being on the other end, on the winner's side, not the loser's side. It's win or go home. You know when you're a four-seed, I got no complaints at all. I'm just happy to be here. Yeah, in the best of worlds, you would've loved to have played them where you get an opportunity to maybe go to a Superregional, go to a World Series. Again, when you're a four-seed, you're just happy to get in. We got beat tonight. We lock heads again tomorrow. Winner will move on and have another day. The loser will go home."

San Diego State pitcher Ryan Doran

On the three-run fourth inning by UCLA
"It's going to be frustrating, but as a pitcher you have to keep your nose down and keep grinding away. UCLA's a tough team. They're going to cash in on mistakes like that and I think that's kind of where we kind of got a little sped up and obviously didn't cash in and get out of that inning. All the credit to UCLA. They took advantage of those opportunities today and we didn't."

San Diego State catcher Jake Romanski

On the pitching of UCLA's Adam Plutko
"I think he made some big pitches. He made some big pitches in big spots. He's a location guy, not overpowering, but he made big pitches and that was pretty much the difference."

On what San Diego State can draw on from last week's experience:
"Well we know we can do it. We started in the loser's bracket, won and climbed all the way out of it. We're going to have to do it again and we've done it once. So we're confident going into tomorrow, to beat USD, they're a great ballclub, but we're confident against them. Just keep piling up wins."

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