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Postgame Quotes - UCLA 78, Colorado 75
By: UCLA Athletics

Jan. 12, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

UCLA head coach Ben Howland

opening statement
"This is a huge win for us. I thought we had some great performances, and I am so proud of how Kyle [Anderson] knocked down his foul shots. He gets a double-double. He had a double-double last weekend both games against Cal and Stanford. He has a double-double today, he's playing terrific. I thought Jordan Adams was outstanding, a big pass to Travis [Wear] for that lay-up late in the game. He made a big shot. Shabazz [Muhammad] got in foul trouble in the first half so I tried to play him two different instances with two fouls really hoping he wouldn't get his third. But I thought everybody did well; I thought Tony [Parker] and Norman [Powell] gave us great minutes off the bench. David [Wear] had five big rebounds for us, and we ended up only turning it over eleven times. We had too many in the second half, because we had four in the first half it was really low. And to come here at 5,345 feet, and win above sea level is a great thing. So I'm really proud of our team."

on halftime conversations
"I don't think it was a different team, we just were right there and we came out. We're a good second half team, but they came out and really executed. Shabazz [Muhammad] made a big three, and Travis Wear was great. I can't say enough about how good Travis was today. He was really, really good and hard to match up with for the opposing team. I wish that three would've gone, that three at the top of the key. And there was a huge shot, Jordan [Adams] shot in transition that put us up like thirteen with the foul shot. So that was a huge play because you knew that [CU] was going to make a run. I mean this is a good team that we were able to defeat today."

on winning on the road in a difficult environment
"It's the greatest feeling in the world, coming into a tough environment like this where it's us against the world and winning. We had very few Bruin fans here today. Every win is tough, there's nothing easy here. I can't remember when we had an easy win. It's just one game at a time, and this makes the trip going home a lot better when you're coming off a `W,' and to sweep a road trip up here in the mountains is big for us. So I'm really excited for our team and proud of them. I really feel blessed that we continue to stay healthy."

on junior forward Travis Wear
"Dave [Wear] and Travis [Wear] both are really good because they're experienced veterans. Larry [Drew II] is an experienced veteran. Those three guys in particular, they've been in tough places before last year and years before so it's all good."

on strategy down the stretch
"They got us on a couple plays, and what's hard is on the second game of a road trip we had to go Salt Lake City, Utah to Boulder, Colorado playing 7:30 pm in Salt Lake, and noon here really makes it tough in terms of how much you can really dissimilate. I thought our guys did a great job learning stuff, but they had a couple late plays where they have a handoff ball screen to a flare they got a three on. They did a nice job executing down the stretch, were just trying to stay in front of the ball and make our foul shots. We knew it would come down to foul shooting and they had a three to tie the game; my heart was half way down my stomach on that last shot by [Askia] Booker. It was the San Antonio play; it was the same play that Utah ran."

on questions down the road with top players
"Players, they love this environment. Players love it like this. Players love to play, this is great. The best teams are the ones that win on the road and enjoy being the spoiler on the road and winning in a tough environment. That is what is fun. I mean they've all been in games like this before but not to this magnitude in terms of the size of the crowd."

on Travis Wear in the final minutes
"We were going to him because he had it going. We were looking for him, looking for him, looking for him. We had a great offensive rebound sequence; we came out with nothing on that one sequence. Again, I really command our players for their toughness today. And I'll tell you what [CU's] players are very good in the back court; [Spencer] Dinwiddie and [Askia] Booker are outstanding."

on Travis Wear picking up his play
"I think he's picked it up since the Fresno game. It started that next game. And I think it's just that he's a good player, it doesn't surprise me at all, not one bit. We tried to get him a timeout, and some time here and there but we needed him in there because he had it going today. He had it going at the end of the first half too, it kind of carried over."

on being 4-0 in Pac-12 play
"We're where we want to be in the new season which started last Thursday, and we just want to keep building and keep improving. This team has a lot of room to still continue to grow and I'm just really happy for our players because they're working really hard."

on a pivotal point in the game
"I thought that we really did a good job battling to start off the game, and we got off to a good start. And I thought the second half when we made that run to go up 13, we had some really good plays. Shabazz [Muhammad] had a dunk in the open court. We had some plays. Jordan Adams shot that put us up 13 really gave us a shot in the arm, but I have to go back and watch the game."

on Shabazz Muhammad's performance
"You know he still ends up with 14 points, and it's not easy up here. I'll be the first to admit that, I was subbing more getting guys in and out, in and out, trying to give guys quick breaks and breathers. But there was one play I was so excited about for him, in that we missed a shot and sprinted as hard as he could to get back and he was the guy there that saved the basket from occurring for [CU]. Now that's what I'm looking for. His offense is going to be fine; I'm not worried at all about him offensively. That's the least of our worries."

on improving on defense
"We're playing better defense, we're getting better, were evolving and guys are learning. We were at 40 percent the last three games, under 40 against our opponent today. They shot big down the stretch because I bet you going into the last five minutes we were right at 40 [percent] or under. I give them credit, you know, we made some layups late. We're looking to hedge our screens for the most part and looking to double in the post when there's a good post player. They have good young players just like we do. We're happy, it's fun to win."

Colorado head coach Tad Boyle

opening remarks
"Very disappointing and frustrating loss for our basketball program; we have to get better in a lot of different areas. With that said I credit UCLA. They made plays when they needed to, and they made foul shots down the stretch. Travis Wear was terrific tonight and my hat is off to them, but our basketball team has to get better. We have to be more consistent from start to finish to win games against good teams. That is the bottom line."

on positives from the game
"I thought we played hard, our guys competed. We executed our offense down the stretch like we needed to. But we didn't get a couple of key stops, they made big time shots and made just enough free throws to win the game. Some positives were our effort for the most part and execution down the stretch offensively."

on defensive lulls in the second half
"Maybe I am playing guys too many minutes. I don't know - the only way to find that out is to use my bench more. I look at Andre [Roberson] played 35 minutes, Spencer [Dinwiddie] played 36 minutes, Josh [Scott] played 33. Everyone else was manageable. But that is the one thing I can think of, because defense our guys know how to play, they know what to do, we are a good defensive team when we want to be a good defensive team. I think sometimes we don't pace ourselves, it's hard to play defense the way we want to for forty minutes. I always look at myself as a coach and make sure the rotation is right, are the minutes right? We shrunk our bench tonight, we went with Jeremy [Adams] because of his physicality defensively against these guys tonight instead of Eli [Stalzer] and Xavier [Talton]. I don't know we better figure it out."

on confidence in Colorado's bench
"I do have confidence; the thing with freshman is that I never want to put them in a position to not be successful. But I have confidence in them but I just have to be able to pull the trigger. If I didn't think they were any good I would not have recruited them. What it comes down to sometimes is do we have a better chance with Askia [Booker] or Spencer [Dinwiddie] in there or Eli [Stalzer] and Xavier [Talton] they have proven they can do it but some point you have to say we are 1-3 and now those guys deserve some chances and I thought against USC they really played well. It is on me as a coach and those other guys play better and more consistently and don't make those lulls to make those easier on me but life is not easy."

on getting good shots down the stretch
"Absolutely, we drew that play up and got Askia [Booker] a wide open three in the corner and that would have put it into overtime. Right before that we told Spencer [Dinwiddie] to go to the rim with 10 seconds or so and take a two and put pressure on them at the free throw line to leave time to get a shot off. We got seven or eight seconds to get a shot off and got a great look. We got the shots we wanted offensively. We really did what we set out to do in the last two or three minutes but didn't get a stop when we needed to. They made a great penetration pitch to Wear, a big time shot from a big time player. The thing is margin for error is so thin in these games, and we are playing like our margin for error is like we are still playing Wofford or Texas Southern so this team is not anywhere where it needs to be. We have got to keep plugging and we are going to do it. It is frustrating when you know opportunities are there and you don't take advantage of them. The conference season is long but we are 1-3 right now and now we have a home loss on our record right now which stings and UCLA has two road wins."

key to improving
"Our players have to start taking ownership in what I am talking about and what we are stressing in practice and what our game plans are. If they don't do that, then they are fooling themselves because the reality is we are 1-3 and the reality is our coaching staff knows what we are talking about. We have some guys in different rolls this year that right now are not handling them as well as I would like them to handle it or they would like to handle it. They have to grow up and handle it. It's about saying `I made a mistake, I accept the responsibility of it and I am going to get better.' Until our players can do that we have no shot. That is the key, taking ownership and accountability for your play and the way you execute on both ends of the floor."

on UCLA's play
"I think Ben Howland did a great job of using his timeouts. They were tired early. The first part of the first half midway through I didn't like the pace of the game. We talked about that at timeouts, we want to get them up and down the floor, but that doesn't mean we want to give them transition baskets, they wanted to run early. We gave up 10 transition points, and the whole key to our game plan is to eliminate those transition baskets - some of them were on made field goals, so our guys worked hard, too. I credit UCLA. I thought they used their subs and timeouts well. I thought those kids did what they had to do at the end of the game. They made shots when they needed to make shots, and they made big free throws. I wouldn't say they outworked us - our guys played hard, they just out executed us. I will give them that for sure."

on UCLA's shooting
"I tip my hat to them - as a coach, I am always concerned on our team and where we need to get better and where our deficiencies are and how we need to improve. That is always going to be my focus. That is why I say my hat goes off to UCLA because they did what they had to do to win the game, and we didn't. Sometimes it just comes down to who is making plays and shots and tonight they did and we didn't. We had 14 turnovers, which is too many. We had some empty possessions. We were in the bonus for much of the second half and we wanted to attack the rim. We just didn't do what we needed to do."

on the fastbreak offense
"When we want to be good it is good, when our guys want to run we are pretty good, when they don't want to run they don't run and our fast break is non-existent. It gets back to the consistency I was talking about, you either are going to run the floor or only do it when you feel like it."

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