UCLA head coach Steve Alford
"I am really proud of the team and our effort tonight. We came up against a lot of adversity in this game, with the foul trouble and the injuries to a couple of our players. We did a good job taking the transition points away in the second half. Drexel was able to slow down our half-court offense. We have a lot of work to do, but this gives us a lot of film to work with. I am really proud of the effort and we knew it was going to be a tough opener.

“They have three really good guards that made it tough on us for a while. We were able to take good shots and control our turnovers. It was a really good effort by the entire team.

“Without Travis Wear, the reality is that we have little depth on the bench. It made the foul trouble even worse. A lot of guys with a lot of inexperience playing these minutes really stepped up tonight. We gained momentum and toughness tonight. These early games are good to gauge how to improve.

“The job of point guards is to control the ball, not make turnovers and make opportunities for the other players. Kyle Anderson did a great job with that and even hit the boards.

“Our zone defense was good and was great in certain stretches. The defensive numbers were good. We've been practicing the zone, and we'll continue getting better. With our roster at full strength, we'll be even better. Our half-court offense struggled a bit when we weren’t in transition but that will come with time.

“Zach LaVine performed really well. I thought he was tremendous. He did a lot of good things for us. That’s not easy, especially for your first college game.”

UCLA senior forward David Wear
“The first time we really had to play half court, we didn’t have a chance to get into transition like in the exhibition games. We’ll work it out, look at film tomorrow and correct it. It’s just the first game of the season.”

UCLA sophomore guard/forward Kyle Anderson
“[At the last UCLA timeout] I wanted to keep our guys composed. We wanted to buckle down on defense. We are going to have experiences like this later in the season.

“Zach [LaVine] played really well. He knocked down three three-pointers and played great defense. I was really impressed how Zach and Bryce (Alford) played in their first college game.

“It’s great having the ball in my hands [when playing point guard]. It’s great to reward guys that are working hard. I enjoy making my teammates better.”

Drexel head coach Bruiser Flint
“It was a tough game. We had opportunities but you have to give UCLA credit. They made plays at the end of the game and we didn’t.

“[Frantz] Massenat played well today. If he plays like that all year, then we have a chance to be a pretty good team. He struggled a little bit last year, but this year he has started off well. He was extraordinary tonight. Hopefully he can continue it.

“I thought we gave a great effort today. We made some mistakes that we can hopefully clean up, go forward and have a pretty good season.”


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