UCLA 76, California 64
January 26, 2014

UCLA head coach Steve Alford
“I’m really proud of the team. Today, Zach LaVine wasn’t feeling his best, and we couldn’t get him into rhythm but other guys stepped up. That’s good for us. We beat two good basketball teams [this week]. I thought that was essential before we hit the road for tough conference games. It’s going to be a difficult road test. We’ll have to continue to mature as a basketball team, get better, and prove that we can do it on the road. If we can do that, we’ll stay in the hunt.”

on California’s scoring run in the second half
“Today, we got careless offensively. Our transition defense stepped up and we have to credit that for the win. When Cal got it down to only a three-point deficit, we made key plays to get back into a groove and give us some momentum.”

on earning the victory in the second half
“We had to get back to who we are. Our bad transition play was due to bad offense. We shot really well in the first half and poorly in the second. Even in a poor shooting half, we still outscored them by one. We began to screen, cut, move the ball, and got back to who we are.

“Bryce [Alford] made crucial plays and drives to the basket. They switched and made some odd match ups and for a freshman to make those plays was huge. Then he made his foul shots. He did a really good job. Kyle [Anderson], for playing the whole half, gave us really good minutes even when he was tired. We got a big game out of David Wear, too. He started off well, and I liked that he got seven rebounds. Travis did good things, too. His six rebounds were big for us. But Dave’s good first half got us going early.”

UCLA guard Kyle Anderson
“Today’s game means a lot. We had to really prepare for this game, and we pretty much knew what we had to do. It helps that the first half of this season had a lot of home games, so now we have games on the road. We had to take advantage of this opportunity.”

UCLA guard Bryce Alford
“It felt good making plays down the stretch. I just wanted to finish out the game.”

UCLA forward David Wear
“I just felt like being active and playing with energy. I was able to put myself in position to make a play on the ball and get open opportunities and to make a basketball play.”

on his illness earlier in the week
“I’m not sure what I had. I missed a couple of practices, but now I feel a lot better. This was not my flu game.”

California head coach Mike Montgomery
“After digging a hole, we finally started getting some stops. We started getting out on the break and all of a sudden we came to life. We have to have more people involved. The ball has to move. I thought we were a half step slow. I don’t know, we looked scared a little bit. The young guys had to settle down and just go play and once we started doing that we got back in it. UCLA is a very good team. To come in here, you really have to play well. There are no games where people are going to lay down for us in this conference.

“We need to get better inside on plays. We struggled on our passing. We fumbled balls a lot. We just have to keep working. We can’t rely on any one person. We can’t expect Justin [Cobbs] to do everything. It’s just not fair to flip him the ball every time and expect him to make a play.”

California guard Jabari Bird
“It was a good feeling [going on the second half run], but I am disappointed we could not pull off the W. [Leading the team down the stretch] It was a boost to my confidence, but I didn’t have the energy. If I hadn’t missed the three weeks due to injury and we had gone on that same run, I think we could have pushed through and caught them. We are a great team, and I know we are capable of doing great things. We won five games in a row because we were playing great team basketball. We just have to get back to basics.”


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