Courtesy of the Memphis Grizzlies, the following is a transcription of Jordan Adams’ answers to questions from the media.

Memphis Grizzlies’ first-round NBA Draft selection Jordan Adams

on being drafted by No. 22 overall by Memphis
“It was the greatest feeling of my life. That was a team that I really saw myself fitting in well with the organization, with Chris Wallace and Coach [Dave] Joerger. I definitely felt like I could fit in. Once my name was called that was the icing on the cake.”

on workout out for the Grizzlies prior to the draft
“They showed a lot of love. I was very appreciative of that, for them to take the time out to show love to me during the workout when they have five other guys [in the workout]. That made me want to compete harder and show them that I was the guy they were looking for.”

on making an impact in his rookie season
“I’m coming in trying to make an impact as soon as I can. Just to make everybody at Memphis familiar with me. I want to start off my career on a good note.”

Memphis Grizzlies’ interim general manager Chris Wallace

on picking Jordan Adams and what Memphis liked about him
“Jordan Adams was an extremely productive, winning player the last two years at UCLA on a team loaded with first round picks. He set an all-time single season steals record at UCLA, and you think of all the players that have come through Pauley Pavilion. He’s a good shooter now and made over 80 percent of his free throw attempts. He’s a guy that just makes winning plays on both ends of the floor. If you need a basket, he’ll get it. If he takes what’s given, he’ll get to the basket and drive. If his shot is there, he’ll take it. He’ll make the extra pass. He’ll get a deflection or a steal defensively and go for a loose ball. He’s just a winning, complete player. We had him in here for a workout, and we didn’t draft him because of the workout, but you could see that he’s focused and mature. The more you delved into his background, every step along the way in high school at Oak Hill Academy and at UCLA, he’s a guy that comes in not as heralded as his teammates, and ends up greatly exceeding expectations.”

on if Memphis considered moving down and then taking Adams at a lower pick
“We thought Adams was a real first-round potential, and if you like a guy, you like him. You have to be careful about stepping back too far. He was the highest rated guy we had on the board at that time, so we’re going to take him.”

on picking Jordan Adams and the process
“We’ve hashed this [pick] over and over again, for quite some time. We got opinions from John Hollinger who has a great eye for talent on the analytics side. And this guy, Jordan Adams, is a very, very high-level analytics player. Coaches were involved and others in this process. Our D-League GM, Chris Makris, the coaches, Joe Abadi and we talked to Robert Pera.”

on the logjam at the shooting guard position
“When you draft someone today, you’d love to have them make an immediate impact, but that’s not the purpose of this exercise. If they do that, that’s great. But you’re trying to get someone who has long-term value for your team and that can get better and better. Hopefully, as your team gets older he can fill in behind these guys and assume a significant role on the team. I never rule out young players playing. I’m probably more optimistic about young players than most people in this business. I’ve seen them exceed expectations in the short term so many times. Again, we didn’t draft with an eye to set up for the depth chart, that this guy will play ‘X’ amount of minutes, with this productivity with this pick.”


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