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Frequently Asked Questions

"I'm Going to College Program"
Women's Basketball
Pauley Pavilion
Date TBA

We know you are busy planning your group's trip to Legendary Pauley Pavilion and have many questions. Please read this page carefully and completely before contacting us with questions. Chances are you'll find the answers here! We also encourage you to share this information with the other chaperones in your group so everyone is on the same page. Thanks for your patience and cooperation - we look forward to seeing you on campus soon!


Q: I've sent in my RSVP. Now what do I do?
A: UCLA will confirm the receipt of your RSVP via email. We may not send additional information (game day details, tickets, maps, parking information, etc.) for quite some time; however, do not panic. Once you receive confirmation from us, your group is registered and will receive additional information as the event gets closer. Please keep in mind that it is against NCAA regulations for us to send hard tickets to groups with high school aged students; instead we will place your group on a gate list for the day of the game.

Q: I received a confirmation, but nothing else. What do I do?
A: Sit tight. We will not be ready to send tickets, parking information or additional game day information until about three weeks prior to the game. If you have received notification from our office that we received your RSVP and we have not asked you to make any changes, then your group is all set and we will contact you as the game gets closer.

Q: I sent in my RSVP, but I never received a confirmation call, letter or email. What should I do?
A: It's possible that we never received your RSVP. Emails bounce and letters get lost - it happens occasionally. Please resend your RSVP or call the Community Relations office and 310-206-5990 to follow up.

Q: What if I need to make changes to my RSVP?
A: All changes must be submitted in writing. Please send an email, fax or letter to the Community Relations office and include your name, your group name, a phone number where you can be reached, an email address, the event you will be attending and what change you would like to make. If you are asking for additional tickets, your request will be looked at if there is still availability. You may send this information to:

UCLA Athletics
PO Box 24044
Los Angeles, CA 90024-0044
Phone: 310 206 5990
Fax: 310 267 2334

Q: I noticed that the RSVP deadline has passed. Can I still send in an RSVP for my group?
A: RSVP's for all of our events are handled on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis. You are welcome to send in your information after the deadline; however, recognize that we can not guarantee your group's admission to the event.

Q: I have a question that is not outlined on this FAQ page. What is the best way to reach the Community Relations office?
A: Needless to say, things get a little hectic as game day approaches and sometimes it can take a day or two for us to get back to you. So, please help us help you by keeping the following in mind:

1) Send an email…
If you can, send us an email about your question. Please be sure to include all necessary information so we can provide the most accurate information. At the very least, we need to know the group name, the contact name, a phone number and what event you are attending to look up your reservation. You may send emails to the Community Relations office at

2) Call the office…
If you do call our office, (310) 206-5990, please leave a clear and detailed message about your question. Include your group name, the contact name, a phone number and what event you are attending so that we may look up your reservations. Please also leave a phone number where we can leave a voicemail for you.


Q: Do we have to arrive on a bus?
A: It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend that groups secure a bus for their trip to UCLA. All vehicles with E-plates park for free in Lot 36. A bus will help make sure your group arrives together and can walk to the entry gate together.

Q: I've heard that I can get a free bus. Does UCLA provide this opportunity?
A: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide free busses for any groups. We recommend contacting your local councilperson or the bus companies directly to see if they are able to donate a bus for this trip.

Q: Does our bus need to be identified?
A: Due to the high number of schools arriving by bus, we recommend displaying a sign with the school's name in the window to make locating your bus easier at the end of the event.

Q: What is the address for Pauley Pavilion?
A: 555 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095


Q: How many chaperones do we need to bring?
A: Please plan to have chaperones accompany all students in a 1:10 minimum ratio. Upon arrival, please designate a meeting spot in case students become separated from your group.

Q: Can we bring parents and siblings?
A: Yes, parents may be chaperones and bring along other children. Additional tickets can be purchased by calling the group sales office at 310.206.5991 or the Central Ticket Office at (310) UCLA-WIN.

Q: Do you need the name of everyone in the group?
A: No. We only need the first and last name of all high school-aged children who will be attending with your group.


Q: How do high school groups enter the game?
A: High school groups (and mixed groups that include high school aged children) will enter via gate list, under their school name and the school's contact name at Gate 1. Please be advised that you MUST check in as a group in order to be admitted into Pauley Pavilion. Individual students and unchaperoned children will not be admitted into the game.

Q: Do we need to arrive as a group?
A: We understand that carpooling may result in different arrival times, however, we must insist that you make plans to meet somewhere in the parking lot so you all enter as a group. This will speed your entry into the game, allowing your group to attain seats together and reduce a back-up at the main gate.

Q: Where do we sit?
A: You may enter Pauley Pavilion through any gate if you were mailed hard tickets. If you are a group with high school aged children in it, then enter at Gate 1. You are free to sit anywhere you like within the designated general admission area. If you are arriving in individual cars and are planning on sitting together as a school, please make arrangements to meet your school group at a predetermined time and location. This will allow you to sit together. The gate attendant can show you your seating upon entering Pauley Pavilion.

Q: What time will the event start?
A: The tip-off is scheduled for 11AM. The college fair festivities will begin three hours before tip-off at 8AM. For the most up to date information on game time, visit

Q: Where should we park?
A: Buses park for free in Lot 36. Individual cars park for $10.00 in Lots 4, 6 & 7.

Drop-off: Buses should approach the campus on Gayley Avenue, turn onto Strathmore Drive going east and then make a left turn at Young Drive. Proceed north on Young Drive past the first DeNeve intersection, past the UCLA Catering trucks and drop off at the curb.

Bus Parking: After dropping off the group, buses must move to Lot 36. From the drop-off curb, buses should continue north on Young drive, make a left at the second DeNeve intersection, a right turn at Bellagio Drive, a left turn at Sunset Boulevard and a left turn at Veteran Avenue. Enter Lot 36 off of Veteran Avenue.

Pick-up: Buses will be dispatched back to the drop-off area by an attendant at Lot 36 as soon as specific groups are already at the curb for loading and as curb space is available.

Q: If someone in our group gets separated from the group, where should they go?
A: Once the game begins, all separated students should report to the Customer Service Office at Gate 1 of Pauley Pavilion. Chaperones can meet missing students at this location as well.

Q: Why does UCLA need an emergency contact name and cell phone number?
A: Pauley Pavilion is a big place, with lots to see and do, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming for little ones. By providing us with an emergency contact and cell phone number, you will help us return lost children as quickly as possible. Please note, this person should attend the game with the group, check-in at the entrance to the tail gate upon arrival and have the cell phone handy to answer should we need to contact your group.

Q: Do my students need to wear anything specific? Do they need name tags?
A: Please make sure all children know their chaperone's name and organization name. We highly encourage all students to wear name tags with their name and organization on it and/or an identifying T-shirt or uniform.

Q: Can we bring bags into Pauley Pavilion?
A: Food is allowed in Pauley Pavilion; however, opened bottles and cans are not permissible inside the gates.


Q: Will there be food available at this event?
A: UCLA Concessions will sell a variety of food and beverage items. $10-$15 is an adequate amount for each child to bring for food.

Q: Can we bring bag lunches?
A: You may bring bag lunches; however, opened bottles and cans are not permissible inside.

Q: Will there be UCLA merchandise available for sale?
A: We will have "I'm Going to College" T-shirts available for $5 each to all IGTC participants. ASUCLA may also be in attendance selling other UCLA paraphernalia.

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