Below is a list of the currently scheduled community relations events in the upcoming months. Events will typically be added in mid-May, mid-August and mid-December. To sign up for any of these events, please click the event registration button on the top left of this page and find the event you would like to attend. All RSVP's will be reviewed for group qualifications.

Jan. 22 Athletics For Youth - Women's Basketball

Jan. 23 Bruin School Day - Men's Volleyball  

Jan. 24 Bruin School Day - Women's Basketball

Feb. 6 I'm Going to College - Gymnastics

Feb. 14 Adopt-A-Classroom - Women's Basketball

Feb. 27 Adopt-Adopt-A-Classroom - Gymnastics

Feb. 28 I'm Going to College - Women's Basketball

Mar. 6 Bruin School Day - Gymnastics

Mar. 19 Athletics for Youth - Baseball

Mar. 13 Athletics For Youth - Gymnastics

Mar. 18 Bruin School Days - Baseball

Apr. 9 Athletics For Youth - Men's Volleyball

Apr. 9 Bruin School Days - Softball

Apr. 16 Athletics For Youth - Softball

Apr. 23 Adopt-A-Classroom - Baseball

Apr. 29 Adopt-A-Classroom - Softball

May 1 I'm Going to College - Track & Field

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