Visiting Team Information

The Athletic Training Room is located in the Acosta Athletic Training Complex, across from gate 10 of Pauley Pavilion. The Athletic Training Room is open on weekdays from 7am to 6:30 pm and two hours before game time on weekends. If a member of your medical staff will not be traveling with the team, or if you have any special needs, please contact us in advance. Therapeutic modalities will only be administered with written authorization from a Certified Athletic Trainer. If you will be utilizing our facilities for practice prior to competition, please notify the assigned Certified Athletic Trainer so that the necessary supplies and equipment can be provided.

Emergency equipment and first aid supplies will be available and our team physician will be on call during the game. In case of an emergency, the UCLA Medical Center is located on campus.

UCLA Athletic Training Room
(310) 206-6107

Campus EMS
(310) 825-1491

UCLA Medical Center Emergency Room
(310) 825-2111

CVS Pharmacy (Westwood Village)
Pharmacy Phone (310) 209-9141

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