NCAA Rules for UCLA Boosters/Athletic Support Group Members

Everyone associated with the UCLA Athletics program (coaches, staff, student-athletes, boosters) has the responsibility to comply with NCAA rules involving prospects and student-athletes. Bruin athletic support groups are a very valuable part of the UCLA Athletic Department. All present and past members of these groups are considered boosters and therefore, are held to compliance with these standards. Please review the information on what boosters may or may not do, and ASK BEFORE YOU ACT.

A Booster MAY:
• contact a prospect as long as the booster had an established relationship prior to the student becoming a prospect and as long as there is NO attempt to recruit the prospect for UCLA;
• watch a prospect's athletic contest (but NOT have contact with that prospect or the prospect's parents); and
• provide names, statistics, newspaper articles, etc. of outstanding prospects from the booster's local area to UCLA coaches and staff (but NOT contact that prospect's coach or school officials in order to gather materials pertaining to the prospect's athletic or academic abilities).

A Booster MAY NOT:
• contact (telephone or in writing/e-mail) a prospect or his/her parents in person, for the purposes of recruiting the prospect;
• make contact with a prospect or his/her parents on or off the UCLA campus for the purposes of recruiting his/her to UCLA;
• mail anything to a prospect, including press releases, media guides, posters, schedule cards, etc.;
• approach a UCLA coach who is with a prospect either on or off the UCLA campus (the coach CAN NOT introduce the booster to the prospect);
• contact or request anything (transcript, videotape) from a prospect's counselor or coach in order to evaluate the athletic or academic ability of a prospect; and
• provide any extra benefit to a prospect or his/her family or friends.

A Booster MAY:
• provide an occasional family home meal to a student-athlete or an entire team. Such meal MUST take place in the home, NOT in a restaurant. The meal may be catered. ALL meals MUST be approved in advance by the UCLA Compliance Staff.
• provide employment under certain circumstances to current student-athletes. Hiring of UCLA student-athletes MUST BE approved in advance by the UCLA Compliance Staff. Both the student-athlete AND the employer must sign a written statement PRIOR to beginning any employment during the academic year. Student-athletes must be paid the established rate (in the area for similar services) for work actually performed.

A Booster MAY NOT:
• provide extra benefits to any student-athlete and his/her family;
• use the name or picture of a student-athlete to directly or indirectly promote the sale or use of a commercial product or service;
• provide free or reduced rate housing for a student-athlete or his/her family;
• hire a student-athlete to house-sit;
• provide an honorarium to a student-athlete who has been approved for a speaking engagement. Student-athletes may receive ONLY actual and necessary travel expenses to pre-approved speaking engagements; and
• provide any extra benefit to a current student-athlete.

A student-athlete may be employed during or outside the academic year, provided:

• The student-athlete's compensation does not include any remuneration for value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame or personal following that he or she has obtained because of athletics ability;
• The student-athlete is compensated only for work actually performed;
• The student-athlete is compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services; and
• The student-athlete completes an employment form, available in the compliance office, Morgan Center Suite 235

Boosters must notify the UCLA Compliance Office BEFORE the start of the student-athlete or prospect's employment as the athlete AND the employer must complete an Athletic Department Employment Information Form. This form verifies that the student-athlete:
• was not hired based on the value he/she may have for the employer because of his/her athletic reputation and/or ability; and
• will be paid only for work actually performed at the going rate in that locality for similar services.

• Do NOT employ any prospect or a currently enrolled student-athlete without first receiving approval from the UCLA Compliance Office. The athletic department may arrange employment for prospects in the summer prior to their enrollment as freshmen and for enrolled student-athletes during all official vacation periods (summer, winter, spring) during the academic year.
• Do NOT employ any prospect prior to the completion of the prospect's senior year in high school.
• Do NOT provide free transportation to and from jobs for student-athletes, unless such transportation is provided to all employees.
• DO provide employment for prospective and currently enrolled student-athletes during permissible time periods and at regular pay rates for similarly qualified non-athlete employees.

UCLA reserves the right to withhold any privilege associated with the athletic department (i.e. ticket and parking privileges, reception invitations) from individuals involved in a violation of NCAA legislation.