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Postgame Quotes (NCAA Los Angeles Regional Game 4)
By: UCLA Athletics

June 1, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

June 1, 2013
GAME FOUR: #1 UCLA 6, #2 Cal Poly 4

UCLA Head Coach John Savage

Opening Statement:
"Two story lines really. They jumped on us the first three innings. They mugged us basically. We had no hits, they had four runs. They did a great job against Nick (Vander Tuig), and then the game kind of turned. We had a couple of breaks. They lost a ball in sky and it became a three-run triple. We had a ground ball hit to short with the bases loaded. It wasn't hit hard, and we got a break there. Then we got a bases loaded walk. But at same time they had only one hit after the fourth or fifth inning. That shows how strong our bullpen is. The resiliency of Nick coming back - he was hit hard and then was throwing zero in the fifth and sixth. That's why he is who he is - he's a winner, an experienced guy, and he kept battling. There were a lot of story lines. We were fortunate to win, but we did a good job the last five innings of really winning those innings. That was the difference in the game. They are competitive and well-coached, but we know we dodged one."

On the change in Vander Tuig from the early innings:
"It's baseball. You go out there enough and you're just not going to go out and dominate all the time. It wasn't quite his night, but there are a lot of wins at the Major League level where those guys go five or six innings and grind it out, and that's what this was tonight. Credit him for surviving those and credit our bullpen for shutting it down. (The changes were) better location, a little more aggressive. They were the more aggressive team early on, he made the adjustment later on and kind of used it to his advantage a little bit."

On reliever James Kaprielian:
"Anybody can see this guy is as talented as any guy we have. We look for him to be a starter next season. He's going out to the Cape Cod this summer to start. (He's) very, very talented. But we have good arms. One of our strengths is our bullpen, and I think you saw that tonight. He was exceptional through it."

On how close he was to thinking about pulling Vander Tuig
" Runs are hard to come by in postseason. If they would have gotten to five or six, you would have seen somebody else. But I have a ton of faith in Nick, a ton of trust. I had a feeling he was going to throw a couple zeros up, and he did. I've seen it too many times. He's a preparation guy, and he deserves to pitch out of that. It was close a couple times, but to his credit he kept on making pitches."

UCLA Pitcher Nick Vander Tuig

On settling down later in the game:
"Cal Poly battled me pretty well. They were aggressive early. They had some good at-bats against me, I made some mistakes early, and they hit it. Credit to them. But it was huge - that fifth inning, our hitters coming through and battling. It started with Cody's at-bat. Brent and Pat had two good hits. Credit to the left-hander but our offense did a good job battling and really gave me a chance. When you see your hitters and defense competing, it makes you want to compete more. It was huge and gave me a little bit of extra juice in the end, and I gave it all I got in the sixth inning."

On throwing a couple of pitches in the dirt early:
"I struggled with control and got excited on a couple of pitches. I kind of made adjustments toward the end and got more comfortable in the fifth and sixth. I was just really excited in the first inning."

On having the luxury of turning the ball over to the bullpen:
"Our bullpen is our strength. Whenever I get the ball over to the bullpen I feel 100% confident that they're going to get me out of the inning or put up zeroes. It's huge. It's been like that all year, and it was like that last year too."

UCLA DH Kevin Williams

On his fifth inning triple:
"I thought I just got under it a little bit. I looked up, and I had a tough time seeing it and realized that he couldn't see it either, so I got on my horse and got to third."

Cal Poly Head Coach Larry Lee

Opening Statement: "Well, it's disappointing, but a great college baseball game. Had a lot of everything in it - had some great pitching, big offensive production. Tough one to swallow, though."

On getting past loss and looking to tomorrow:
"Well, we've been resilient all year. We've gone through a lot of adversity. We've won a lot of series where we've lost the Friday game and won Saturday-Sunday. We've done it in all different combinations. We've had heartbreak losses and been able to turn it around and our goal is just to last until Monday and hopefully play three more baseball games. Baseball's that way. You play so many games, you lose ballgames. You just have to be resilient and how you respond says a lot about your character and a lot about you team. So this team's done it all year and I expect nothing less from them."

On going to Reed Reilly early:
"Tough decision because Matt was so good. Going into this Regional, this was the exact matchup we wanted. We wanted Matt to go against UCLA. We thought we could kind of negate some of their left-handed bats and thought it would be a good matchup and it was, but history--what Reilly's meant to us--and he came in and did exactly what he was supposed to do. He got the strikeout with Valaika and we pounded the fastball away and got the fly ball and it was--just probably would have been a different ballgame. We probably get out of that inning 4-1. Reilly's--I think he had 31 appearances going into this Regional--and a majority of those--I think 21 of them were one-plus innings. He's had five innings, three innings. My idea was just to ride him out and let him finish the game and not worry about tomorrow's game."

On familiarity with USD:
"Yeah, a little bit. Joey and Casey are kind of two completely different type of pitchers. We've been able to call a game according to Casey's strengths. That's what he does best at this point, being a freshman, so yeah, we'll have a good scouting report. San Diego's very good. They're very potent offensively and obviously Bryant's--you know we dealt with him one game and we didn't want to deal with him another game, but that's what we got and we'll see."

Cal Poly RF Nick Torres

On missed fly ball:
"Yeah, we were kind of concerned before that ball actually about the lighting. Just keeping a lot of talk, pointing and stuff, ball's in the air. Just got up above the lights and I had no idea where it was. Everybody else said they couldn't see it, but that doesn't change the fact that it happened."

On shaking tonight's game and getting ready for tomorrow:
"Well it's obviously, like Coach said, tough to swallow, but at the end of the day I trust every single guy in that dugout and I think that's what makes this team really good. We all believe in each other and I believe in this team to get the next couple of wins and it's baseball. You just got to take it for what it is. We'll go out, I think we'll handle business tomorrow. I think Casey's going to do well and we just go from there."

On UCLA relievers:
"They're good. They're all just college pitchers. We could have hit any one of them. It just didn't happen today, but we like our chances against them again if we get to face those guys. I think that they're only human. We should be able to handle them well."

Cal Poly Pitcher Matt Imhoff

On what happened in the sixth inning:
"In the sixth, they were starting to pick at me in like the fourth or fifth. I was tipping my pitches, I guess. In the sixth, it started becoming a little more routine. I think they got almost every pitch in the sixth. Gave them enough of an advantage that they were able to put some good swings on some balls, and once I got the fly out in left to get that, I was almost sure I was going to get the ground ball double play and I got him to kind of hit it up the middle and Denver made a great play."

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